This Is How Big Your Chopping Board Should Be

You should be able to slice and dice with ease.

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The kitchen is one of those places where you will be spending lots of time in. Everyone has to eat after all! 

If you're lucky, there is food already prepared and ready to eat. All you have to do is probably heat it up, place it on a plate or bowl, grab utensils, and start eating. However, if you're not that lucky, you will have to prepare your own food. One of the many kitchen equipment that you will find handy is the chopping board. 

There are at least two ways to know what size chopping board you should be using. You should be able to slice and dice food on your chopping board with ease. Here's how to tell if your chopping board is the right size and two questions you need to ask yourself before you make that final decision to reach for that particular-sized chopping board: 

Use one chopping board to cut up meats and another to chop fruits and vegetables to prevent cross contamination.
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1 How long is your knife? 

The most common partner of the chopping board is the knife. That's why when choosing the size of your chopping board, you should also consider the size and length of your knife. Your knife needs to be able to do its job just as efficiently as the chopping board can do its job. However, when the knife is longer than the chopping board, you may be selling that knife short. 

When you use a knife, you should be or at least supposed to be using the entire length of the knife to slice, dice, mince, and otherwise cut into the food you're preparing. You can't do that effectively if you cannot use the entire length of the knife because your chopping board is too short. 

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This is the reason why you should at least have two sets of chopping boards; a large one to use with your chef's knife or even your cleaver and a smaller one for the smaller jobs that require your smaller, paring knife.  


You can use a paring knife to slice and chop small vegetables like these radishes.
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2 How big is the food you will cut? 

Are you slicing small cherry tomatoes or are you butchering a whole pork pigue into chunks? Take a good look at the size. The food that you will be preparing will not only determine if you'll need a big knife, but it will also determine if you need a big chopping board, too. Big jobs need big boards and knives while smaller jobs need smaller boards and knives. 


While you may think you may not need a small chopping board, the small jobs are the ones that are easier to clean up so you may rethink that notion, especially if you're not a fan of dishwashing.

This advice may sound rather basic but you'd be surprised to find that some people use small chopping boards while using long knives and vice versa. While this isn't a major kitchen sin, preparing your food should be and can be made easier. When you have the right tools and equipment and use these at the right time, you may just find that being in the kitchen is a great place to be. 


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