Cold Coffee Ideas You Can Have For Dessert

Indulge your love for coffee with these cool desserts.

When the heat is too stifling to enjoy your morning coffee, try making iced coffee! Iced coffee can be just as good a wake-me-up beverage as a hot one! In fact, did you know that 1 cup cold-brewed coffee has about the same amount of caffeine as the 1 cup hot brewed cup of coffee? 

That just proves that you can have your coffee in any number of ways! Here are refreshingly cold dessert recipes using coffee that you can make and eat, so you don't have to drink your coffee hot if you don't want to: 

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1 Easy Coffee Jelly Recipe

This is a super cold coffee dessert! Gelatin is flavored with black coffee and so has the cream. The result is a super delicious and creamy dessert that's easy to make! Want to amp up the flavors in this dessert? Add a little chocolate to make it mocha or pour in a cold latte instead of the cream, so you can enjoy it in a tall glass instead. 

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2 Barako Coffee Leche Flan Recipe 

Leche flan will always be a well-loved and popular dessert. It's a creamy dessert that is hard to resist! Make it even more appetizing and irresistible by infusing the milk with coffee. However, don't just use any coffee. Try a strong brewed Barako coffee for this version for that delicious kick you love!     

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3 Coffee Granola Parfait Recipe

A coffee dessert does not have to complicated or time-consuming to make. It can be a simple mix of food and ingredients that you love! If that's the kind of dessert you want to do with your coffee, try this easy recipe. It uses brewed coffee that's been cooled to infuse the granola with its flavor before being layered with yogurt. It's a great use for coffee that's gotten cold that you can easily make anytime.     

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4 Buko Coffee Jelly Recipe 

If you love coffee jelly, this is one dessert that you need to know about! This may look like your typical coffee jelly. It has all the ingredients that you would find in a coffee jelly but with one big addition: buko strips. It's coffee jelly + buko that makes this not your usual coffee jelly dessert! 

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Oct 20, 2014

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5 Easy Coffee Ice Cream Recipe 

Ice cream is easy to make at home. There's no need for it to rival the artisanal ice cream churned from grass-fed cows' milk. It can be simply flavored with a few special ingredients added to make it taste more special. Dates are added to the dessert for its natural sweetness but you can substitute it with raisins, while chopped nuts give it a little texture with every spoonful you take. 

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6 Dulce De Leche, Coffee, and Yogurt Popsicles Recipe 

You may not think that coffee and yogurt could taste delicious together but in this instance, have faith and try it. The creamy dulce de leche adds a delicious caramelized and milky flavor that's delicious with coffee while the yogurt brings it all together into one mixture. Freeze and enjoy these icy treats drizzled with more dulce de leche.     


7 Rum Iced Coffee Recipe 

Iced coffee can be a pick-me-up at any time of the day! When you're needing a drink that's caffeinated but also relaxing and delicious at the end of your day, a spiked drink may be what you need. Try this version of an iced coffee that is spiked with a little rum that is more refreshing than that glass of wine you were thinking of having instead.    


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