Icy Desserts To Get You Through The Summer Heat

Cool down with these sweet treats.

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These delicious desserts are the best way to battle the summer heat. They're not complicated to make too. From easy ice pops and no-churn ice cream to crushed ice chillers, these desserts won’t even require you to endure the kitchen heat.

Ice Cream Recipes

You don’t have to stray very far for a cool dessert than this classic. Creamy and cool, ice cream is in everybody’s hearts for good reason.

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1 Cheese Ice Cream Recipe


This recipe will never grow old. Perhaps it’s because of our deeply embedded childhood memories of eating cheese ice cream from a roving sorbetero. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you absolutely need to make this easy cheese ice cream recipe.

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A reader shared with us a recipe for homemade cheese ice cream, and we're happy that she did!

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2 Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Summer is all about sweet, perfect mangoes and you can turn your mangoes into delicious ice cream.There are multiple ways you can go about it. Our mango float ice cream uses mango puree—which is available all year round. You can also use fresh, ripe mangoes in an easy 3-ingredient recipe. The easiest and healthiest version is as simple as freezing your mangoes and then pureeing them into sorbet-consistency.


This healthy ice cream recipe only has two ingredients!

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You can easily make homemade ice cream in your fave fruit flavor!

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You can make your own delicious mango float ice cream!

Icy, creamy, and homemade, this is the buko pandan dessert made even better as an ice cream.
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3 Buko Pandan Ice Cream Recipe

Buko pandan as a simple dessert is already refreshing. Turning it into ice cream will make it your summer go-to ice cream.

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4 Fried Ice Cream Recipe

You can make this interesting, popular treat from Japan. This delicious treat is basically an ice cream pie: you get a warm, delicious, and crunchy crust enveloping cold, creamy ice cream.

This dessert recipe works with any flavor of ice cream and dessert syrup.

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5 Mini Ice Cream Cake Recipes

Indulge in your love for ice cream even more with this recipe. The addition of cake gives it another flavor and texture that makes ice cream even more addicting.


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Keep cool with these easy-to-make ice cream cakes!

Popsicle Recipes

Whether you have a popsicle mold or just tube-plastics, popsicles are simple but extremely satisfying under the blazing sun.

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6 Mais Con Yelo Popsicles

The distinct sweet flavor of corn and creamy milk make your mais con yelo a classic. Skip the hassle of shaving ice and turn it into a popsicle that everyone will love.


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Turn your fave Pinoy merienda into an icy grab-and-go treat!

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You will be making these mais con yelo popsicles all summer long.

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7 Halo-Halo Popsicle Recipes

Perhaps the most famous cold Filipino dessert, there’s nothing like halo-halo for summer. However, we can’t always go straight to a restaurant or commit to crushing ice whenever the halo-halo craving comes. Instead, we think you should keep a healthy stock of these halo-halo popsicles in your freezer to enjoy whenever.


These ice pops are not just pretty, they're also deliciously refreshing!

Everyone's favorite summer cooler can now be enjoyed in popsicle form.

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8 Ice Popsicle Recipes

Need more popsicle recipes? There are so many more flavors to choose from! From frozen cheesecakes to ridiculously fruity flavors, the sky is the limit with these recipes. Depending on what’s available and how easy you want the recipe to be, we’re sure there’s a perfect popsicle recipe you can make.


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Nothing else compares to the joy of enjoying ice candy as a kid during summer time.

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Stay cool under the sweltering summer sun with one-of-a kind icy treats.

Make ice candy in different flavors!

These treats are easy to do. With the dizzying array of fruits now in the market, the flavor possibilities are endless. Yum!

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9 Halo-Halo Recipes

It’s summer, so how can you not have halo-halo? Also, halo-halo made at home means you can put as many toppings as you want. If you love leche flan the most, put all the leche flan you want. If red beans are your thing, go crazy. That’s something you just won’t get anywhere but at home.


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Get the ice crusher ready, it's time for a halo-halo party!

10 Guinumis Recipe

Coconut milk, panutsa, gelatin, and sago come together for an insanely good and classic summer treat. It’s sweet, creamy, and bursting with flavor. 

A variation of Halo-Halo, using coconut milk or gata, but just as refreshing.

This cooler has coconut milk, sago, gulaman, and pinipig!

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11 Mais Con Yelo Recipe


Do yourself a favor and buy canned creamed corn which is always perfect for mais con yelo. Make it even more special with buko or, if corn is not your thing, you can always use mangoes!

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Love corn? Make this fun and tasty dessert perfect for the summer!

Top this tropical treat with a big scoop of ice cream.

Dried fruits are not just packed with flavor but are also sources of energy, vitamins, and minerals.

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12 Strawberry Scramble Recipe

The bright pink color fits perfectly with its simple but bright flavor. What’s even better is that you can dump as much powdered milk on your scramble when you make it at home.


This strawberry scramble recipe is exactly what you need for a quick afternoon cool-down.


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You can have ice cream any time you want.

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Here's where to buy all your summer party essentials!

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