Save Money on Groceries By Buying This Type Of Meat

Choose this meat to combat inflation and save your budget.

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Inflation is real. We feel it, and we bet you're feeling it too. While it can be ignored when it doesn’t affect us directly, its effect on the prices of food is alarming. Pork pigue, a popular pork cut which used to be around P175 per kilo back in 2012, is now over P200 per kilo. Pigue can cost as much as P256 in some supermarkets.

The prices of produce have risen as well. Many have noted the price of the siling labuyo, the favorite spicy ingredient that rivals bigger chilis in heat, has soared from P350 a kilo around five years ago to P1200 a kilo now at the palengke.

What all this means to your budget is that you’re definitely buying a lot less on what you used to spend.

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If you’re feeling the effects of inflation on your food budget for the month, you’ll be glad to hear that there is a way to not burn through your budget for food. Pork and chicken, the favorite meats of Pinoys, each have a cut you may want to take a closer look at the next time you visit the meat counter at your next grocery shopping trip.


That’s because among all the pork and chicken cuts in the counter, there remains one particular cut for each of these meats which is still the cheapest to buy no matter how bad inflation becomes: the pork pata cut and the whole chicken.

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The pork pata cut is weighed down by the large bone of the leg. However, you get a bonus when you get this cut: it makes for the tastiest pork sinigang, pork nilaga, and even pork bulalo. It’s the bone that will give your broth a lot of flavor, and this is the secret of stock makers. They use the bones, not the meat, to make the flavorful stocks for the bouillon cubes or granules you use to add flavor to your dishes. By using pata, you not only get meaty chunks on the pata, you also get the fantastic flavor that only the bone can add to your broth. The best possible result is that you can cook and have crispy pata on a budget, too.


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Then, there’s the chicken. Learn to cut up a chicken, and you’re saving at least P10 a kilo. In fact, you don’t even have to cut up the chicken to cook it if you have an oven. Roast the chicken whole and not only get a fantastic tasting chicken, you get to cook it with little effort, too.

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We think these are enough reasons to change the way you buy meats, but the best reason to buy these cuts is that it has and will probably always be the smarter buy. If you need more, here are some recipes you can cook using these cuts so you can learn how to use the cuts that can save you in the long run:

Pork Pata Recipes:

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You can also use this meaty cut for this local dish.

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This home-cooked classic can make weekday meals feel like a party.

Whole Chicken Recipes: 

This is a simple recipe, but one with lots of tricks to make it extra special. It's also a one-pan meal!

Wrapping chicken in banana leaves ensures the flavors of the garlic, ginger, and wine are infused into the chicken.

Fragrant herbs and spices make every bite a party in your mouth!

Coconut milk makes this roast chicken moist and flavorful.

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