Here Are The Different Cream Cheese Brands You'll Find In The Supermarket

Not all cream cheese are the same. Which is your favorite?

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It's not a trend when it's still one of the favorite flavors enjoyed by many. From the baked cheesecakes topped with blueberry fruit topping to the cream cheese frosting that most lick off their red velvet cupcakes and carrot cakes, it's the cream cheese that helped these desserts become so well loved.   

If you're baking a cheesecake or making some cream cheese frosting, you want to know what brands are available for you. Those curious to know what is out there without leaving the comfort of your homes, here is a list of many of the brands you will see in stores: 

Photo by Philadelphia/KraftHeinz

1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 226 grams

The OG of cream cheese brands available, this was the bar that everyone turned to when it comes to cheesecakes. It's a classic creamy cheese with a distinct tang that everyone believes is the gold standard. While it's one of the pricey brands you will find, it's the classic brand that isn't just for cheesecakes. It's the preferred creamy cheese smear that you'll find sandwiched in bagels and on party appetizers.   

Available starting at P149.75 in 250-gram bars in All Day Market, Landers, and SnR. 

Photo by Magnolia/All About Baking
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2 Magnolia Cream Cheese, 225 grams

The local cream cheese is the popular brand that many choose because it is more affordable than the imported brands. However, don't let its price fool you. This cream cheese delivers on all the points that make it a good cream cheese: it's creamy, tangy, and best of all, available in many of the smaller supermarkets, too.     

Available starting at P145 in 225-gram blocks at All About Baking, Robinsons Supermarket, and Waltermart.    

Photo by Emborg/Landers

3 Emborg Cream Cheese, 227 grams

Another imported cream cheese brand that is an option with the emergence of cheese fans who wanted more choices among the cream cheese selection. This is a great alternative for snacking as well as using for cheesecakes! 

Available starting at P129 in 227-gram blocks in SM Supermarkets, Waltermart, and Landers. Available starting at P544 as 1.5-kilogram tubs in All About Baking and Landers.  

Photo by Swiss Valley Farms/Landers

4 Swiss Valley Farms Cream Cheese, 226 and 1360 grams

A sharp tangy taste with a smooth and creamy texture, this brand is another brand you will find primarily in the baking supply stores. If you are baking a lot of cheesecakes or just want to have a big stash of the stuff, look for its mega block that's over 1 kilogram for a bulk buy bargain. 

Available starting P95 for the 226-gram blocks and starting P495 for the 1.3-kilogram block at All About Baking, All Day Market, Landers, and Wonderbake.   

Photo by Elle et Vire

5 Elle et Vire Cream Cheese, 150, 1000, and 1360 grams

You may know this brand for its different kinds of freshly chilled cream in the chilled section of your supermarket. However, it also offers a cream cheese that is silky smooth. The Original American version is perfectly suited for the classic cheesecake but if you want the tang and the higher butterfat content that you like in French butter, try the French Cream Cheese variant in 150-gram tubs.  

For those who want to try another kind of cream cheese for your New York-Style cheesecake, the Liberty Lane cream cheese is the answer to that recipe among the Elle et Vire range of cream cheese to try. 

Available starting at P115 in a 150-gram tub at Waltermart and P549.75 for 1000-gram block French Cream Cheese at Landers. Liberty Lane Cream cheese is available P135 for a 227-gram block at Waltermart. 

Photo by Cooper Cheese/All Day Market

6 Cooper Cream Cheese, 227 grams 

There's a new cream cheese brand in the supermarket, and it's almost as creamy, tangy, and smooth as other cream cheese. It's a milder tasting cream cheese than other brands and but for those who prefer their tang on the lighter side, this cream cheese is perfect for your version. Plus, it allows stronger flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and blueberry to be the star of your cheesecake plate. 


Available starting at P148.75 in 227-gram blocks in All Day Market and SM Supermarket.  

Take note that these aren't the only brands that you may find in your local supermarket. Stick to your favorite brand or give these new cream cheese players a chance so you can enjoy your favorite cream cheese desserts whenever you have a craving for creamy tangy cheese.    


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