3 Ways You Can Make The Crunchiest, Crispiest Breaded Fried Chicken

We have tips on how you can achieve this.

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The perfect fried chicken is crispy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside. To achieve this, pre-seasoned chicken pieces are usually tossed in seasoned flour before being deep-fried to golden brown and delicious perfection. However, all-purpose flour isn’t the only way to make your chicken have the crispiest skin. 


While you can certainly stick to a tried and true method of coating your fried chicken with flour, we think there are other flavorful and crispy ways to make your favorite chicken recipe just as, if not even more, delicious. The trick to making it is identifying a crispy, crunch-worthy ingredient that is also tasty in its own right.


We think we found a few worthy candidates to upgrade the crunch of your next fried chicken recipe. The ingredients are easy to find and while ordinary on its own, when paired with fried chicken, it’s going be a delicious meal that will be a delight with every crispy bite.





1 Use Panko breadcrumbs. 

Never underestimate the powerful crunch that Japanese breadcrumbs can give. This coating instantly makes you think of Japan and its insanely crisp tonkatsu. The breadcrumbs that cover those boneless pork chops will do a similar job to fried chicken. Don’t mistake these flakey bits with normal breadcrumbs. This creates wonderfully crisp flakes that really do deliver a great crunch, a feat that no other breadcrumb can deliver.



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2 Use crushed potato or corn chips. 

This type of breading may produce the most flavorful of all the breading. When crushed, potato or corn chips lends its unique flavor to the chicken. That means the flavor of the snack chips used in a fried chicken recipe means automatic flavor.



The biggest decision at the supermarket is choosing whether you want to use barbecue-flavored corn chips, cheese-flavored potato chips, or go simple with some plain salted chips. The resulting crusted fried chicken will be one of the crispiest and the most flavorful you can make, even without the help of additional seasonings.


Use your kid's favorite corn chips to create a tasty fried chicken coating.




3 Substitute cornflakes for breadcrumbs. 

The crispness and crunch that you associate with this cereal will work in your favor when you crush it and turn into the substitute for breadcrumbs. Not only will this create a crunch that rivals Panko breadcrumbs, it doesn’t leave a flavor that interferes with the fried chicken you’re eating.


Crushed cereal makes for great extra crunchy fried chicken coating.

Achieve that crunchy chicken coating without deep-frying!




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