WATCH: Different Steak Cuts You Should Know

Here's a quick primer for choosing the best cut for a delicious steak dinner.


From the most expensive to the most affordable, here's a quick guide for determining the best beef cut for your steak recipe.


Sirloin Steak
The sirloin is the most affordable and readily available cut of steak. Its texture has a tendency to become chewy, so best to cook it rare to medium, never beyond.

Pair your steak with a classic mac and cheese casserole with a twist: broccoli!


New York Cut
It’s the beefiest among the cuts, but like sirloin, its tight grain can be chewy when cooked beyond medium, so cook it rare to medium.

Pair your New York strip steak with sweet and boozy caramelized onions.


Porterhouse Steak
It’s commonly mistaken for the T-bone steak, but while the same cut, porterhouse has a larger tenderloin than a T-bone. This two-steaks-in-one cut is best cooked rare to medium.

This hearty steak with potatoes recipe brings the steakhouse experience to your dinner table.


Rib Eye Steak
Also known as the Tomahawk when the long rib bone is exposed, it’s a flavorful fillet that remains tender because of its pockets of fat, so cook from rare until medium-well.

The sauces serve as tasty counterpoints to the beef's rich, bold flavor.


Tenderloin Steak
Also known as the Filet Mignon, the most tender cut is also the most expensive, yet most mild in flavor. It has a characteristic of tenderness that makes it ideal for those who like it well done without the chewiness.

Beef wrapped in bacon? Yes, please!


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