Always Be Prepared With This Canned Food Meal Plan

Make kitchen staples your go-to ingredients.

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There is no need to plan too extravagantly for every meal you set out to make. The simplest meal can be the most satisfying after all. When the ingredients are as handy as being a kitchen staple, such as canned goods, it becomes easier to plan ahead as well as change meals around since all your ingredients are readily available whenever you get a craving for one of those canned meats. 

We have an abundance of canned food recipes and ideas but none are as friendly to your needs and your available ingredients as this plan can be if you plan ahead well. With the help of a few other kitchen staples and perishable ingredients, you can make this meal plan one that's easy to plan that's so tasty, it's easy to look forward to every meal. 

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Day 1:

Creamy Chicken and Corn Stew with Broccoli Recipe

Ginisang Tuna Rice Recipe

Make the first day of the week a hearty and deliciously satisfying one. Give into the indulgence of some great vegetables simmered in a creamy chicken stew for lunch before going a little basic with an all-in-one rice meal that's easy to put together.

Use canned corn and vegetables but remember too that frozen is just as good a substitute as fresh but keeps longer.  

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Day 2:

Monggo with Spam Recipe

Corned Beef Potato Balls Recipe

You can crave monggo any day, so when you want that creamy mung bean stew to be on the table, opt for a recipe that isn't your usual. This stew recipe takes that humble bean and pairs it with chunky potatoes and carrots and cubes of luncheon meat for a very hearty meal. The potato balls meanwhile are a great way to use more of the potatoes you may have extra on hand, made even tastier with the addition of corned beef.  

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Day 3:

Easy Tuna Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

Spicy Ham Pasta Recipe

Pasta is the universal carb that everyone just loves. Amp up the flavors of this pasta with a spicy sauce dotted with chunks of luncheon meat to give it meaty flavors. It's one of those ideal recipes where you don't have to look from the pantry to see what ingredients you're going to use. An easy lumpia recipe is always a good idea to make ahead and since pastas are easy to make, give this tuna lumpia a try which you can enjoy later for merienda. 

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Day 4:

A Leftover Recipe

No-Cook Tuna Tacos Recipe

You should always allow a day or even a meal when leftovers are consumed so food doesn't go to waste. If you still have bits and pieces of ingredients that you didn't use up, this is a great time to also give it a thought or two regarding how to use it up. For an easy meal that doesn't require much thinking but lots of participation from those eating, these easy no-cook tuna tacos should fit the bill. 

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Day 5:

Spam Sinigang Recipe

Easy Tuna Macaroni Recipe

Meats are one of those ingredients that run out quicker than other ingredients. These are perishable goods so it's always a good idea to use it up before turning towards the canned meats. However, that doesn't mean you should totally not give in when you just don't have the time to thaw or prepare fresh meat. This sinigang and this easy tuna pasta are great examples of how creative you can be with a can of luncheon meat, canned tuna, and other pantry ingredients. Plus, these make super tasty dishes, too.  

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Day 6:

No-Cook Tuna Sandwich Recipe

Sardine Pasta Recipe

One of the best qualities of canned food is that it's ready to eat straight from the can. With that said, many dishes using canned food can be a no-cook meal! Take advantage of this characteristic of canned tuna to make a satisfying homemade tuna spread for an easy meal. Pasta meanwhile is just a common a staple as any canned food so it's fitting that combining sardines and pasta is a   

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Day 7:

Tuna Burger Recipe

Baked Macaroni with Corned Beef Recipe

Give yourself a treat this day with two recipes that are tweaks of two of your favorite food. Canned tuna replaces the ground beef in the burger patty while the baked macaroni gets a touch of sweetness from the sweet-style spaghetti sauce. 

Canned food can be a regular staple of your meals, so why not try this easy-to-follow meal plan that takes your favorite canned food and makes it the main ingredient of every meal you set out to make. 



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