This Is The Easiest Way To Make Homemade Chicken Nuggets At Home

These chicken nuggets are from scratch!

Homemade items will always be the better choice for you and your family, but it can also be the more time-consuming choice, too. The love and care that goes into homemade dishes are sometimes overshadowed by the sheer amount of time and effort that is needed to make it from scratch.

That doesn’t need to always be the case.

Photo by Dairy Darilag

If you’ve always wanted to make homemade chicken nuggets, don’t be intimidated. We have a chicken nuggets recipe that yields nuggets that are crunchy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. What’s more, these are homemade nuggets that take less than 10 minutes to prepare. 

How can homemade chicken nuggets be this easy to make?

The best prepping tip for this kind of recipe is this: buy and use chicken fillets, cube it, and then, coat it in a  flavorful batter. Then store it until you need to cook it. Here are the recipe directions you need to do it:

  • 1. Cut up 1/2 kilo chicken breast fillets into bite-sized pieces. Place this into a container with a lid. 
  • 2. Season the chicken with salt, ground black pepper, and other seasonings you prefer. (Dried herb and ground spices works wonders on making these chicken nuggets taste different from every batch.) 
  • 3. Add about 1/3 cup flour or cornstarch to the chicken and toss together. Add about 1  to 2 tablespoons water or just enough to wet the flour and create a batter that will coat the chicken pieces. 
  • 4. Store chilled until ready to cook.

If you want that super crunchy outer coating, roll the coated chicken in Panko breadcrumbs. The batter should be sticky enough to make the Panko stick to the chicken pieces.  

How easy is that to do? You can do this in the morning you wan to cook the nuggets or do it the night before. What’s important is that the chicken pieces are seasoned right so once cooked, it will be just as delectable and appetizing as any chicken nugget from a fast-food chain. 

You can make homemade chicken nuggets easily with this easy tip and recipe. It’s easy, it’s made from scratch, and it’s made from real chicken chunks. You’ll want to make it and cook it every day from now on. 



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