Eating Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Like mixing soy sauce and wasabi!

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Are you guilty of these? Make sure you're not committing these dining and eating mistakes:


1 Do not slice rolls with a knife.

A bread roll is not a sandwich. What to do: Tear off a bite-size piece of bread with your fingers and butter it with a knife.

2 Don't leave your spoon in your soup bowl.

Use your soup spoon to scoop from the side of the bowl furthest from you and sip from the side of the spoon that faces you. In between sips and after finishing your soup, rest your spoon on the soup plate beneath your bowl.


3 Don't use your spoon when you're twirling pasta with your fork.

Know that you should use only a fork to twirl your noodles. Using a spoon to help out is an American custom and is not practiced in Italian and other European households.

4 Don't swallow your raw oyster whole.

Take the fork with three prongs, and gently detach the oyster from its shell by moving it around. Pick up your shell and tilt it toward your mouth from the wide end. Give it a chew once or twice to get the flavors out.


5 Don't mix soy sauce and wasabi.

Wasabi, especially the fresh variety, is meant to be savored. When you mix wasabi into your soy sauce, you are actually diluting its zest. When eating sashimi, you can place a dollop of wasabi on the slice of seafood and then dip it into the soy sauce to relish its tang. For sushi, sushi chefs have already prepared a portion of wasabi between the "shari" (rice) and "neta."

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Remember, when you do dip the sushi into soy sauce, do it with the seafood-side down.

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