This Is The Best Food Saving Tip You Need During The Quarantine

This tip may save you from eating through your food stash.

IMAGE mnplatypus from Pixabay

The Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) has made all of us a little paranoid when it comes to food. Panic buying was common but we soon realized that it wasn't necessary to hoard since we are allowed to go out and shop as needed with a few precautions and regulations in mind. 

If you are still worried about your stash of food, here is a food saving tip that might relieve you of your food anxiety during the extended quarantine period:    

Save your canned goods for days you can't go out, and always consume fresh food first.  

It's a two-step tip and it's a practical one. The reason behind this tip is that canned food is preserved for long storage life. There's a reason why these food has expiration dates that are months and years in the future, and you need to take advantage of that fact during these times. 

Fresh food has a much shorter shelf life and while there are food that may last longer than others, these nonetheless are much shorter than the expiration dates of canned food.  


Learn this food saving tip, so you can make your food stash last longer and be a better quarantine cook. 


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