Fresh Pineapple is the Ingredient You Need to Tenderize Meat

Use pineapples in your marinades to tenderize even the toughest meats.

IMAGE Michael Angelo Chua

There’s something about pineapples that make it an important ingredient when you’re cooking with meat. Not only will it sweeten the dish you’re making, making it even more appetizing for the sweet flavor-loving Pinoy, it will also tenderize the meat it's cooked with.


How? Pineapples naturally contain an enzyme that breaks down the proteins that make up the structure of the meat. Dissolve this, and you’re basically tenderizing the meat until it is fork tender.


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Make this sweet and tangy Filipino dish at home!


So, go ahead and buy a cheap, tough cut of meat for your pininyahang manok this Noche Buena because no matter what meat you use, the resulting dish will be a delicious and tender one because even the toughest cuts of meat won’t stand a chance against a pineapple’s tenderizing abilities.


Here are a few recipes to try:


This chicken barbecue has sweet, savory, and smoky flavors.


These sweet-savory ribs are perfect for picnics and weekend barbecue sessions.


This quick and easy curry comes together in a ?ash, thanks to store-bought curry paste.




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Marinades can do wonders for your meat or seafood!

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Our local citrus does more than just make it delicious.

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