Fruity Popsicle Recipes That’s Better Than Ice Candy

Popsicles are grown-up ice candy treats.

The best part of summer is indulging in frozen treats. We all enjoyed eating these to be refreshed from the searing heat.

Ice candy is always going to be nostalgic and associated with our childhood. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy such icy treats again!

Popsicles are the grown-up version of the ice candy. Both are icy sticks but the popsicle is bigger in size, shape, and overall flavor. 

Where ice candy were simple frozen concoctions, popsicles can still be that and more. If you’re craving icy cold and delicious treats, here are popsicles to make and enjoy:

1 Homemade Popsicles Recipe 

You can enjoy your homemade icy treats more if you know it’s homemade. These are classic ice candy flavors and tastes just made bigger.

Photo by Patrick Martires

2 Milo Popsicle Recipe

You don’t need to be sporty to enjoy this chocolate treat! This grown-up version comes with crushed chocolate wafers to give it that extra boost of nostalgia.

Photo by Patrick Martires

4 Easy Mango Strawberry Popsicle Recipe

Mangoes are abundant during the summer months! When paired with tangy, tart strawberries, this popsicle becomes a delicious delight for your senses.

5 Fruit and Yogurt Popsicle Recipe 

Want to maintain your healthier lifestyle? You too can still enjoy a popsicle! Make it with your choice of fruit and use yogurt; it’s just as delicious!


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6 Mango-Kiwi-Strawberry Popsicle Recipe

If you loved the combo of mango and strawberries, you’ll enjoy this version just as much! The fresh tartness of the fresh kiwi is a welcome addition to this three-in-one popsicle.

Photo by Majoy Siason

7 Avocado-Leche Flan Popsicles Recipe

Sweet creamy overload is what’s in store for you when you make this popsicle. The avocado is a delight when paired with condensed milk so just imagine how awesome it would be when avocado meets leche flan. Yum!

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

8 Watermelon-Coconut Popsicles Recipe

Enjoy summer flavors with the refreshingly light flavor of watermelon in this icy popsicle. Level it up with coconut cream and buko juice instead of plain watermelon.

Photo by Patrick Martires

9 Halo-Halo Popsicles Recipe

Every Filipino will realize how delicious icy dessert concoctions such as halo-halo is when the heat becomes unbearable. To make it easy to have any time, any day, these halo-halo popsicles are perfect to store and enjoy when needed.


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