Do This Hack When You Need To Peel Lots Of Garlic

This will make the paper peel right off!

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Garlic fans are voracious garlic eaters. There is no such thing as too much garlic! Whenever the amount of garlic is less than what they think a recipe would need, there's is always the additional clove or three that is added just for good measure. 

That's why there are so many recipes that highlight the garlic! It's the partner to onions in almost every savory recipe and chicken recipes demand 40 (or more!) cloves of garlic to make it super flavorful. 

However, no matter how much you love garlic, the one pet peeve of many cooks is the time-consuming task of peeling all that delicious garlic. Garlic does not like to be separated from its paper! That's why the faster, easiest, and most effective way of peeling garlic is still the smash method. The problem with this method is that you have to smash the garlic to break the paper peel away from the herb, resulting in garlic that is smashed. Its smashed state won't matter if you're going to chop it finely but what if you want to slice the garlic instead?  

peeled garlic cloves
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When you have lots of garlic to peel and don't want it smashed to bits, blanch it. By blanching it, you cook the garlic a little but the hot water softens the paper, making it easier to remove. This is the food hack you need to learn so it will make peeling fast and easy! Here's what you do: 

  1. 1. Bring water to a boil in a saucepan over high heat. 
  2. 2. Once boiling, blanch the separated garlic cloves in the boiling water for about 20 seconds or until the peels look soggy. 
  3. 3. Scoop the garlic pieces out and let cool enough to handle. 
  4. 4. Peel the whole garlic cloves.

You can do this same garlic peeling trick in the microwave but for those who do not have a microwave but only have a stove, this is the way to get that same result without needing a special kitchen appliance do to it.   

What's fantastic about this food prep tip is that if you're going to be cooking the garlic anyway, this little tip won't affect the garlic at all. You'll be cooking it anyway and the flavors will mellow ever so slightly because it cooked a little. All you're really doing is loosening the peel so you can easily remove it before chopping it up and later, cooking it. 




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