Hack It! Make-Ahead Garlic Sauce is the Best Prepping Time-Saver

Save time in the kitchen with an easy garlic prep hack!

Pinoy dishes almost always involves garlic. Saucy adobo, simple stir-frys, and hearty sinangag all require the smash-peel-chop prep work for garlic-every single time.  

We have an easy hack to save you the trouble of chopping up cloves of smelly (but delicious!) garlic for all your kitchen needs. Plus, every home cook knows that a few minutes of time saved can go a long way.

The only kitchen gadget that you will need for this prep hack is a small blender. A food processor will also work just as fine.

1  Smash and peel several bulbs of garlic-around 4 to 5. Place them in a blender and pour in enough olive oil to just cover the garlic. Blitz into a thick sauce.


2  Pour the sauce into a freezer-friendly plastic container, in a layer around 1-inch high. Freeze until solid.

3  When you're ready to cook, turn the frozen block of garlic sauce out on your chopping board and chop off a small block. Once it hits your pan, the oil will melt and cook the garlic. Remember: be careful not to burn the fine bits of garlic!


Alternatively, you could set aside one ice cube tray for the sole purpose of prepping this make-ahead garlic sauce.

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