How Do You Store Salted Eggs or Itlog Na Maalat?

The salt preserves the eggs, but it's not forever.

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The frenzy over the salted egg trend has long ended but that doesn't mean that it's gone! Whether or not these eggs are still trendy, these colored eggs are still a common and favorite part of many meals. 

Locally called itlog na maalat, these eggs are also known as itlog na pula because of the brilliant magenta red dye used to color the eggshell. This is commonly done to help differentiate these duck eggs from the balut eggs that the town of Pateros is also known for producing. 

You might be wondering however how long will these eggs last soon after purchase and how to store them. There are three ways of knowing how long your salted eggs purchase will last.

  1. 1 Ask your vendor if you get your salted eggs from Pateros directly. Only they know when the eggs were cooked and you can mark it the time from that date. This is the best advice you can get. 
  2. 2 If you were motivated and made salted eggs at home, once these are cooked, these usually last up to one month or 30 days.
  3. 3 Rely on the expiry date on the package of eggs if you buy your salted eggs from the supermarket. 
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However, this doesn't mean that the eggs will not spoil before that time. This is how long salted eggs can last without any refrigeration if the eggs were cooked recently and were stored properly. Any cracks can signal an instant decline in the freshness of the eggs so this is another factor to consider when buying these eggs. Consume eggs with cracks immediately or before you start on the undamaged ones.  


However, the problem with buying from the supermarket is that you normally do not know how long the products may have been in storage before it was placed on the shelves. 

That's why we recommend that as soon as you get home with your ilog na maalat, store the salted eggs in the refrigerator just like you would if it were fresh eggs. If refrigerated, salted eggs can last even longer. If you prefer your eggs room temperature or even warm, you can leave the ones you'll consume at room temperature overnight or even a few days before serving.

The question now is will it last the extended storage time you've given it, especially if you love salted egg and tomatoes with your breakfast. Now that you know how long your salted eggs can last, you can make any of these delicious salted egg dishes whenever you feel the craving: 



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