This Is The Best Way To Chill Drinks Fast

We have 3 genius ways to do it.

Nobody likes a warm drink of beer. In fact, it’s a fact that ice-cold beverages are more thirst-quenching than warm ones. Even plain water tastes more refreshing when ice cold, and this is especially true when it comes to fizzy drinks like sodas. 

Not everyone has space in their refrigerator specifically for beverages. During the holidays, the refrigerator space is especially important for Christmas dishes and even leftovers! If you are stuck with a bottle or even a case of drinks that need to be chilled quickly, we have good news: we know three ways on how to do just that. 

1 Wrap it in a wet paper towel and freeze. 

If you have ever “baked” a potato in the microwave, you know how important the paper towel and the water is to the process. The trick here is similar to the baked potato except that instead of a potato, it’s a beverage, and instead of heating up the water, you will freeze it. This is much faster than allowing the icy air to do the freezing for you. Here’s how to do it: 

  • 1 Wrap about 1 to 2 layers of paper towels around each bottle or can you want to chill. 
  • 2 Wet the paper towel well under running water but not dripping.
  • 3 Place in the freezer and let freeze 15 minutes or until the water has frozen and chilled the bottle. 
  • 4 Carefully remove the paper towels (thaw as needed) and enjoy. 
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2 Submerge in ice water.  

If you have coolers or ice boxes, you know there’s a spigot at one end so that the melted water from the ice can be drained without removing the contents. This is perfect for quickly chilling beverages! The icy cold water is better than the freezer or the refrigerator because it’s in direct contact with the room temp bottles and cans you want to chill! 


The drawback to this tip is that you’ll have to stock up on ice to get this done but the good news is that once you have ice and fill up that icebox with it, stick those bottles and cans in the ice and any ice water that has melted and keep those submerged! 

3 Add salt. 

Want to make that ice work harder to make and keep your beverages icy cold? If you do, then you need to add salt. Salt lowers the temperature of the ice and basically makes it colder. This makes the ice work extra hard at keeping those drinks cold faster and longer, too. However, this will make your ice salty and basically unusable for other beverages so remember to remember which cooler has the salty ice. 

Be inspired to make drinks and other beverages that need to be served chilled with these delicious festive drink recipes: 



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