This Is The Best + Easiest Way To Prevent Tears While Cutting Onions

Tests show this is the best way to prevent tears.

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We have all shred tears when we sliced our first onion. There is really just no preventing the tears! It's the onion's defense mechanism in a sense. The onion, when its flesh is punctured or cut, releases a stimulant that can cause our tear ducts to water.

This stimulant is not dangerous nor toxic; it's just irritating.  

Since it's a natural element of onions, there really is no way of removing it from the vegetable. Salt doesn't make it seep out from the onion nor can washing or running the onions under water help much either. You will just end up with watery onions. 

So how do we prevent the onion's natural enzymes from irritating our eyes and making us cry? 

There have been many ideas on how this can be done. From wearing eye goggles to protect your eyes from the onions (which do sound like the perfect solution) to cutting an onion with a lit candle nearby, these solutions have mixed reviews. Many have tried other "kitchen hacks" to prevent onions tears. However, one solution was the easy, budget-free method that can reduce if not eliminate the tears without doing anything overly dramatic or hard to accomplish: freeze the onions. 


The onions actually don't need much time in the freezer. Give the onions (and yourself) 30 minutes before preparing the bulbs to go under the knife. Even just 15 minutes can relieve you from the harshest onion vapors and reduce its potency! The secret is the cold temperature. Freezing the onions minimizes the release of the tear-inducing vapors from the onions into the air and hitting you in the face with its potent compounds. 

Think of cooling the onions enough so that any chemical it releases doesn't have a chance to evaporate and sting your eyes. Remember science class where hot air rises and cold air sinks? Similar principle but much more practical in real life.  

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Try out this simple prepping trick and see if you cry less than you ever have before when slicing onions. 



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