How To Clean Your Oven Toaster

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How often do you clean your kitchen? Weekly? Daily? After every dish is cooked? 

That's probably how often most of us clean the kitchen, but how often do you clean your appliances? Of all the spots in the kitchen that needs a thorough cleaning, the oven toaster that you absentmindedly used and then forgot about as soon as the food was heated up and toasted might need cleaning badly. You probably use it pretty regularly, too. You can toast some pandesal for breakfast, broil the mini pizzas for lunch, reheat the leftover turbo broiler chicken you had for dinner last night, and make some oven toaster cookies for a midnight snack. 

So, when was the last time you cleaned it out? 

If you clean out the crumb tray regularly, that's great! It can accumulate quite a lot of bits of food here and there that the crumb tray didn't catch, however. So, if you haven't given it a thorough cleaning in months (years?), it's time to give it some much-needed attention.  


Here's how you do it: 

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1 Unplug the oven toaster. 

This might sound like a nagging reminder but you can never be too careful about kitchen safety. Any time that you need to clean an appliance, you should practice this safe kitchen habit: unplug it and remove any sharp objects that can be removed before attempting to clean it. 


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2 Lay down newspapers. 

The best way to get everything out of the toaster is to remove and empty the crumb tray. Once that's done, flip the entire appliance on its side and shake, lightly bang, and literally jiggle the oven toaster until any crumbs and food pieces. You can do this over the sink or the trash bin but the most efficient way to collect all of those bits is to lay down sheets of newspapers on the floor where you'll be working. There's no telling where the particles will fly when you start shaking and banging. 

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3 Wipe it down, inside and out. 

If you have ever cleaned your range oven or your microwave, you already know what to do but there is a big difference about what you'll be using: don't use baking soda. Many oven toasters are made with an aluminum interior. Baking soda and aluminum will react so to avoid this reaction, use other cleaning agents instead.


Lemons or calamansi, salt, vinegar, and some dishwashing liquid are your best cleaning partners. Make your preferred cleaning solution and spray it on. Let it sit a minute or more depending on how caked-on the grease and food are before wiping it down with a sponge, using the abrasive side or the lemon and salt combo for the tougher stains. 

The tray should be washed and scrubbed well after every use but for any toasted-on food that a basic cleaning can't remove, a little soaking may be necessary for easier cleaning. 

After you've cleaned out your oven toaster, use a kitchen towel, paper sheets, or even crumpled up bits of newspaper to dry out the interior and leave the glass streak-free. Leave it open to completely dry out at least 2 hours or even overnight before plugging it in and using it again to make any of these oven toaster recipes.  




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