Avoid This When Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Prevent streaks and rust and have it looking like new again!

The refrigerator door, especially its handle, is probably the most commonly used appliance in your kitchen. It should be one of the most commonly cleaned things in your kitchen. You should be cleaning not just the handle itself but the entire length of that side of the door. (The inside of your refrigerator is a totally different cleaning issue!

However, are you cleaning your refrigerator and other stainless steel appliances right? 

Streaks on the surface of stainless steel appliances are unsightly and if you don’t clean and wipe it down properly, any leftover moisture can lead to the surface inadvertently rusting in between the mini grooves on its surface.   

Soap and water are one of your best cleaning aids and this combo is proven to be our best defense against the coronavirus. However, this is prone to suds and can leave streaks on the surface if you don’t rinse it well enough.  Baking soda, lemons, and salt are also fantastic natural cleaning aids, but these are abrasive cleaners and are not recommended for your stainless steel appliances. 

What’s the best cleaning solution for your stainless steel appliances? 

Vinegar. Just pour some white vinegar into a spray bottle and pair it with a cleaning rag. If you’re worried about the smell, make it into a solution with water. This combo of water and vinegar is a common kitchen cleaning solution and is perfect for your stainless steel appliances. Just remember to wipe it dry. 

If you really want to make your stainless steel appliance shine, use a light coating of mineral oil that you can get at your nearest local drugstore which you can also use for your wooden utensils, wood chopping boards, and even your cast iron pans.  


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • • at least 2 cleaning rags, kitchen towels, microfiber cloths, or paper towels
  • • vinegar (with water if desired) in a spray bottle 

Now that you’re ready, here’s how to do it: 

  1. 1. Spray the entire surface of the stainless steel appliance you are cleaning.    
  2. 2. Using one rag, wipe the solution off in the direction of the grain. If necessary, spray more solution to loosen and soften any dirt and grime on its surface. Use dishwashing soap on any stubborn messes. Spray and wipe the surface again to rinse the soap off as needed. 
  3. 3. Use a dedicated dry rag for drying the surface. 
  4. 4. If using mineral oil, lightly apply a thin coating all over the stainless steel surface using another dedicated rag.     



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