How to Cook with and Prepare Ripe Mangoes

You can use mangoes in both sweet and savory dishes!


Ripe, ultra-sweet, yellow mangoes are undoubtedly a favorite in the Philippines and many of its neighboring tropical countries. Know how to cook with, bake with, serve, and prepare this delicious fruit!




Salads and Salsas


Use just ripened, still slightly firm mangoes for mixing into your salads and salsas. There will definitely be a lot of tossing involved, and you don’t want your salad greens and salsa to be overly-mushy and watery! Slice them into bite-sized cubes for salads and chop them finely for salsa. You can also whiz some in a blender to make a sweet salad dressing! 


This is a fresh take on a veggie salad.






Yellowish orange, very ripe mangoes are great for sauces—they are big on flavor and very sweet. Balance out the sweetness with spicy peppers and a squeeze of citrus juice. All you have to do is throw everything into a food processor and whiz away. The citrus juice will also prevent your mangoes from oxidizing.


Add a lively flavor to fresh tuna by encrusting it in a trio of Mediterranean herbs. Finish off the dish with a sweet and creamy mango sauce.






Fruit is nature’s candy. Use very ripe mangoes for cheesecakes, no-bake pies, cakes, mango floats—your options are endless! Just remember: hold back on the sugar and let the fruit’s natural sweetness do its work. Show off your knife skills and slice them neatly for extra impressive presentation.


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Jams and Chutneys


Use ripe but firm mangoes for jams and chutneys. Both have added sugar, so overripe mangoes will be sweetness overload! Remember to layer these sweet treats with other flavors like spices, herbs, and other tropical fruits (mangoes and pineapples make excellent jams!). Ripe Indian mangoes are also great for making chutney from scratch. Serve mango chutney with grilled meats like lamb and pork and spread mango jam over toast and muffins.


Sau Del Rosario shares a popular condiment from Northern India. This chutney pairs really well with roti, chapatti, or, very simply, rice.



Is there anything more refreshing than a fresh, ripe mango in a cold drink? Use very ripe (even overripe!) mangoes for mango shakes, slushies, and cocktails for tropical happy hour. Our pro tip: you won’t even taste the veggies if you blend ripe mangoes into your green smoothies!



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