Kick Off Your Kitchen Spring Cleaning With These Helpful Tips

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When cooking feels like a chore rather than a fun experience, take a look around-maybe your cluttered kitchen is the culprit. The kitchen is one of those spaces that easily becomes cluttered without us realizing it. From storing groceries to preparing your food daily, not a day goes by when you don't use your kitchen.


But a well-stocked kitchen isn't the same as a kitchen full of clutter. Aim for a kitchen you'd love to work and hang out in by learning which items you can finally let go of. Here are a few tips on how you can create a clutter-free space: 


1 Put everything (plastic containers, utensils, etc.) in your kitchen into a big pile.

When everything is inside kitchen cabinets and organizers, you literally don't see how much stuff you've already accumulated. Pull everything out and gather them into one big pile and be astonished (or horrified) at just how much stuff you have, stored out of sight. Now that you emptied out all your storage (except the refrigerator, since food might spoil), it will help you feel like you're starting fresh, and will get you in the mood to keeping only what you need. 




2 Toss out anything that you think you'll be able to use "someday".

If you haven't used that cake stand in a year, chances are you'll never get around to using it, ever. Same goes with kitchen appliances, tools, and gadgets-if you haven't used that waffle dog maker, or you've been holding on to a broken blender, it's best to toss it out. If the item is still usable, scout for Facebook groups or apps that will help you sell it.



3 Upcycle your dining ware.

You only need and use one dinnerware set everyday, maybe two if you're a big family, and the rest is just taking up precious shelf space. Choose which ones will serve as your everyday china, which ones you've used in the past year or so, and you can upcycle the rest. Plates can be used as catch-alls for accessories, decorative wall hangings, some create art with broken pieces of plates. If your dining ware sets are all still in good condition, think about selling or re-gifting them.

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4 Put a limit on your plastic container collection.

Confession: We all collect used plastic containers simply because we know how useful those can be. From storing food to craft materials, plastic containers (especially microwave-safe ones) are handy to have around the house. But let's be honest-what will we do with those extra 50 pieces? So unless you're running a food business, it's time to either find use for your plastic containers, or to part with them. Keeping 10 pieces would be a good number.



5 Dispose of what you no longer need.

If you need motivation to declutter, think of all the money you can get from selling or disposing your stuff. You can contact Aling Puring, a woman who's been in the buy and sell industry for decades. She visits your home bearing fruits, gives you a price she's willing to pay for all your things, and ships it off herself.



Contact her at 241-6565 or (0917) 8904799 and look for her daughter, Malou Dy Herrera. You can also check out her Facebook page: You can also choose to bring your plastic bottles, cans, metal cookware and kitchen ware to any SM Supermall nationwide every first Friday and Saturday of the month for their Trash to Cash recycling market.


Decluttering might seem like a lot of work, but it's the first and most essential step to take towards a more organized kitchen that you love. Once you've let go of the things that were merely taking up space, you'll have more space for the things that you want and need. You'll feel like your kitchen is brighter, lighter, and the happy place that you've always wanted it to be. 




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