This Is The Best And Fastest Way To Defrost Anything

It doesn't have to take too long.

Have you ever tried to defrost anything that was frozen solid in the refrigerator? 

We have and contrary to what many people think, it literally takes days in the refrigerator for that frozen solid chunk to soften and thaw enough to use. Unless you have the foresight and place that whole chicken in the refrigerator at least 4 days before you need it, it's not going to thaw overnight. 

Many people despair about thawing their food and use defrosting hacks. Some might sound like genius tips that don't work out, while some actually do work but sacrifice quality, time, or either promote wasteful practices or aren't safe to use at all.  

We, however, know of one sure way to get that whole chicken defrosted in a few hours rather than days in the refrigerator! The tip is this: let the frozen chicken thaw in water. 

This packaged frozen meat is from the supermarket.
Photo by Pixabay

You might be thinking that that's just as wasteful as letting running water thaw it out as many food safety guides recommend. If you can afford to let the water run, this is actually one of the fastest ways of defrosting food. The running water will thaw the ice faster than other defrosting methods.  

However, if you're conscientious about the water you might waste, just submerging the food will thaw it out, too. The difference is that the running water method doesn't allow the water to stand still. By submerging the frozen food in the water, you still benefit from the water trying to thaw the frozen food. The water instead will equalize its temperature, thus warming the frozen food while cooling the water. That's why with this method it may take more effort but it will be over time.        

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If you still don't understand how it's done, here's how to do it properly:      

  • 1. Place your sealed, packaged frozen food in a bowl big enough for the water to cover it. 
  • 2. Add enough water to cover the frozen food. If necessary, place a weight on it to keep it in the water. 
  • 3. Set it aside about 1 hour. 
  • 4. Drain the now icy water and refill the container. 
  • 5. Repeat these steps until the frozen food is thawed completely. 

Try it! Defrosting food, especially meat, can take hours but with this easy tip, you can do it in less time, with less effort, and with less waste. 



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