This Is The Easiest, Less Messy Way Of Coating Fried Chicken

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Fried chicken that's got crispy skin and juicy meat is truly satisfying to bite into. That crunchy skin is all thanks to the coating that you give it. This breading can be anything from simple flour or a mixture of cornstarch, seasonings, to flaky Japanese breadcrumbs. 

To make fried chicken with such a superior coating, it has to go through a process called dredging. Dredging is the process of coating food in a dry mixture. This can be done lightly as you might need to do with beef cubes before searing them for kaldereta or applying a thick coat of flour to fried chicken for that super crispy skin. 

A similar word for this that might be more familiar is breading, which involves the same coating action as dredging but usually with breadcrumbs or some other ingredient that's not flour. Both breading and dredging food can be a messy affair. Dredging is less messy since it commonly involves just one other ingredient, but that's why a breading station has been developed in commercial kitchens. The breading process is streamlined and a technique developed to make it as efficient as possible. 

A katsu is Japanese breaded pork cutlets or chicken fillets.
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The breading process in particular is meant to keep your hands from becoming coated in the mixtures. While you can pass chicken pieces through a typical breading station using tongs to keep your hands from becoming coated with the ingredients, it really is inevitable that it too will succumb. No matter what you do, even tongs will eventually become coated with the marinade mixture, flour, egg, and/or any breading you choose to coat your fried chicken. 


However, there is a way to prevent you and your hands from becoming a big mess. The simple solution involves a bag, and it's been suggested by many a fried chicken recipe for years! 

Here is what to do:  

  1. 1 Prepare your fried chicken recipe as the recipe directs up to the part where you will coat the fried chicken in flour. 
  2. 2 Prepare your flour mixture as directed.   
  3. 3 Place this flour mixture into a large plastic bag. Set aside. 
  4. 4 Remove chicken from its marinade or brine, letting any excess drip off. 
  5. 5 Place chicken in the bag with the flour, close the bag, and vigorously shake the bag. 
  6. 6 Open the bag and remove the chicken. Repeat as needed. 

This fun method of dredging or coating your food in flour is definitely less messy than doing it with your hands! 


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