These Are The Common Mistakes You Make When Using Avocados

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You may love avocados, but you may be doing an injustice to your fruit! Do you do any of these when you eat and prep avocados? Take a look and find out if you are indeed guilty of these mistakes and how to remedy it when using an avocado for any dish.

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Mistake 1: You use your knife to remove the pit.

The biggest mistake may be the deadliest. Whether your knife is sharp or not, the knife should be used to cut or slice the avocado. Nothing else. Lodging your knife into the pit while it's in your hand is dangerous! So, if you're wondering how to remove the pit safely, use a spoon. It should pop right out with a little effort, plus, it's just as easy and safer, too.

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Mistake 2: You don't add calamansi juice.

Check the recipe you're using and if it doesn't have a citrus juice (whether lime, lemon, orange, calamansi, or even a grapefruit), vinegar, or any other acid in the list of ingredients, you're going to end up with a sad and brown looking avocado dish. The acid is very important in avocado dishes because the green flesh easily browns or oxidizes when it hasn't been treated with an acid to prevent it.

So, the next time you see a recipe that doesn't have an acid in it, you might be better off trying out another recipe.

Mistake 3: You don't cover it when storing for later.

The best time to have most dishes is when it's freshly made. This is especially true for avocado dishes since its holding time isn't very long. In fact, the longer it sits out, the more likely it will negate the browning-preventing properties of the citrus you added-at least for the first inch or two of the top part.


If you're saving it for later, here's what you should do to store it as best you can: you should smooth out the top of the avocado dish and then either add a layer of water, oil, or more citrus juice. Water is a great liquid which you can easily pour out when ready to serve. Likewise, you can throw out the oil or citrus juice you use but unless the dish benefits from more citrus juice or oil, water is the best cover to use.

Not only that, you should cover your avocado dish with plastic wrap and press it against the dish so no air pockets are visible. Place it in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

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Mistake 4: You use too many toppings.

Avocado is a fantastic fruit. It's a rich, creamy fruit with an underlying taste of freshness. It's delicious, so it's a shame when you pile on the toppings which can overshadow the flavors of the avocado. Unless your intention is to cover its taste (which is also a shame), what you should do is take it easy on the other ingredients you add and use those which complement it instead so each bite is a wondrous mix of flavors. 

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