“Simot” Bottles Of Ketchup? Here's How To Do It

Here are ways to get that bit out!

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Don't you just hate it when the ketchup bottle is almost empty? It's always so hard to squeeze or tap out the last tiny bit of ketchup from the bottom of the bottle! It's quite frustrating.

If you're set on making the most of your ingredient, here are ways you can get the most out of your condiments if the bottle is almost empty: 

1 Turn it upside down. 

This is the method that needs the least effort yet results in exactly what you want: all that ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. The only thing that is needed is time for gravity to pull the sauces to the "bottom" (In this case, the top!) of the container. It's easy to do since all you do is flip it upside down and store it so that the next time you need some, you can squeeze or tap gently to get it most of it out. 


2 Add a little water. 

This is highly controversial but it does the job. However, it severely dilutes the sauce so it's best to do this method only if you're adding it to a dish that is already liquid, such as ramen or if you're making a sauce with that last dollop.  

All these bottles will need some help to get every last bit out!
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3 Spin it! 

Need an arm workout? This method will do the trick! All you have to do is screw or lock on the cap tightly. Grasp the bottom end of the bottle firmly in your hand and then in an area with lots of space all around you (This means, up and down, too.), spin your arm rotating from the shoulder in a circle. You don't have to go fast but you do have to keep a firm grip on the bottle!

You just need to do this a few times to let centrifugal force do its just job of trying to both fling that bottle out of your hand (Don't let it!) and force the ketchup to the lid part of the bottle. You'll see that the ketchup will creep outwards. This should get most of that ketchup out with a tap and a squeeze! 

4 Use a knife or scraper. 

There's no need to get fancy or become tired trying ways to get the last dregs of ketchup out from the bottle. You can always grab a knife or a long and thin spatula to get to the bottom of the bottle. 


In fact, if you combine using a knife with the flip or spin method above, you should be able to get almost all of it out! 

What method are you going to try? 


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