WATCH: How to Hold a Knife Properly

Choose which knife grip is most comfortable for you.


There are four basic knife grips that you can choose from. Try all, and then stick with the one that you are most comfortable with. If there is one grip that doesn’t make your arm too tired, that is most likely the best grip for you.


Before you start chopping your vegetables, remember to make sure that your cutting board sits firmly on your countertop. Place a damp towel under it so that it doesn’t slip or move around.




Thumb grip

Wrap your four fingers around the handle and place your thumb on top of the bolster. The bolster is the thick piece of metal in front of the handle, on the non-cutting edge of the knife.



2  No-finger grip

Place all your fingers behind the bolster and on the grip only.



One-finger grip

Here, your thumb and forefinger grip the blade in front of the bolster and choke up on the tang. The tang is the steel sandwiched inside the handle.



Two-finger grip

Your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger grip the blade in front of the bolster and choke up on the tang.



Avoid gripping the knife like this:




This grip will tire you out too quickly and gives you less control over chopping and slicing motions.




When slicing or chopping vegetables, always remember to grip your food firmly by curling your fingers inward and pointing your knuckles outward. This will prevent any chopping mishaps in the kitchen. Use your knuckles to guide your knife through the chopping motion, and keep your fingers perpendicular to the surface so that if your knife slips, the blade will hit your fingernails only. 




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For that gourmet touch, this technique is perfect for flat herbs.

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