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Tenderizing beef may be one of the longer cooking processes that you will need to do in the kitchen. Beef is notorious for being tough if not cooked right, so using tender meat cuts, long and slow cooking, and even pressure cooking beef is common. Unless you use tenderloin, all these other methods however, usually take at least an hour or more to accomplish.     

Did you know that you can tenderize beef in minutes?

You can! All you need is a meat mallet

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Contrary to what many may think, this technique will not make any beef cut tender. Silverskin will remain tough, tendon will not gelatinize in minutes, and brisket will remain a tough cut that is best braised and subject to the long cooking process. 

What this technique will do is make meaty cuts more tender. This is best done on thin sirloin slices that you do want to eat as steak. So, if you're craving a beefy steak but don't have the budget to eat it more often, this is a great alternative. This is also known as a minute steak. 

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Thick cuts of meat will always be chewer than thin slices. That's why you can use a meat mallet to pound meat thinly. The meat mallet has two sides to the head. There is the flat side used to pound the meat thinner but there is a textured side, one with what looks like spikes on the other, too.


This textured side is responsible for tenderizing the meat. These little points will break down the connective tissues of the meat even before you start cooking it. The more you pound, the more tender that meat will be once you cook it. However, be careful. You can over tenderize meat to the point that it will fall apart when cooked. Once you have tenderized your meat, use the flat side to pound the meat evenly and as thinly as you desire. 

Here's what you do: 

  1. 1 Place meat on a chopping board. (Feel free to cover the meat with plastic wrap or freezer bag).
  2. 2 Using the spiked side of the meat mallet, gently pound the meat until it's almost as thin as you like. Make sure you pass the spikes to cover the entire surface of the meat.  
  3. 3 Once docked well with the spiked end, turn over the meat mallet and use the flat side to even out the surface of beef to about 1/4-inch thick.   

Generously season with salt and ground pepper before searing on both sides for about 1 minute each. 

Want to do more than just make steak with your minute steak? 

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1 Pinoy Bistek Recipe 

Use the thinly pounded beef to make this classic Filipino dish. Seasoned with calamansi juice, garlic, and soy sauce, serve it garnished with lots of onions for that classic taste with tender beef slices.    


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Beef is not the tough meat that you should be intimidated to prepare and eat. Make it an easy meal with this easy preparing technique.  


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