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Lumpia or fried spring rolls are classic Filipino food. It's the food you will always find at parties and celebrations and the delightful merienda food you get to dip into a delicious sweet and sour sauce. These rolls are usually easy to make. It's just a time-consuming dish since you have a filling to make and stuff into wrappers.  

The most problematic part of the lumpia recipe, especially for new cooks, is probably wrapping the lumpia right. Learn better lumpia wrapping techniques with these lumpia wrapper tips.  

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1 Use a mix of fillings.

The filling of the lumpia is the heart of the spring roll. Togue or bean sprouts, cabbage, and carrots are classic ingredients to add to the filling but these are not the only vegetables you can use. You can add kamote, potatoes, cauliflower, or even peas, too. Ground pork is tasty, but so is ground beef, ground chicken, bangus, shrimp, tofu, or none at all!

2 Taste it before rolling.

The biggest mistake a cook can do is not taste their food before serving it. In the case of the lumpia, tasting the filling before stuffing and rolling it into the wrappers is key. Cook a little piece to check if the filling tastes good. 

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3 Don't overstuff!

If you love the filling, it's understandable to overstuff the lumpia. However, this makes rolling these difficult. Less is more in this case. To make the lumpia, start by laying down a lumpia wrapper on a flat surface. Place a spoonful of filling close to the edge, not the center, of the wrapper. Spread the filling out into a log. Chill the meat filling to make it easier to form or if cooked, drain it of excess liquid before using to prevent the wrapper from becoming wet.

Photo by Zoe del Rosario

4 Use an egg, not water.

Water is usually enough to seal the edges of the lumpia wrapper together. However, an egg is a better sealer. Beat an egg and use that to seal the edges of the lumpia closed. You can use a brush or a finger. Either works!


5 Fold, tuck, and roll!

Fold the wrapper over the filling. If you can't fold the wrapper over the filling with room to spare, use less filling. Tuck that folded edge and the sides under the filling and then roll it to the edge. Seal closed with the egg wash.   


6 Avoid burning the wrapper.

Once you have the rolls all made, cooking the lumpia is usually a matter of crisping up the lumpia wrapper, especially if the filling is already cooked. It will take longer to cook if the filling needs to be cooked through, such as in the case of meat fillings. Either way, the best way to fry lumpia is over medium, not high, heat to prevent the wrapper from turning brown faster than the filling gets to become heated through. 



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