How To Cook Super-Fast Cooking Pork And Other Recipes To Try

Learn how this recipe makes tough cuts of meat more tender and cook faster.

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When cooking with pork and beef, you already know you will need to devote some cooking time to tenderize these meat cuts. Unless you're using the tenderloin, 30 minutes at least is what's required to get pork and beef to at least be less chewy and more tender. It may even take longer if the cuts are bigger and the cuts tougher! 

There is a way to make meat cook faster. The answer lies in a recipe that you may have never heard of: the schnitzel. 

What is a schnitzel? The schnitzel is a thin slice of meat, seasoned, breaded, and then quickly cooked in butter. These slices of meat are commonly pounded thinly to ensure these will be tender after cooking. That's because the slices of meat are usually veal, beef, or pork, kinds of meat that can have a tendency to be tough if cooked for too long. It can even be made from chicken, mutton, or even turkey fillets! 


To ensure that the meat is tender, a meat mallet is the kitchen tool that gets it to that stage of tenderness. The process is super simple and is a common way of tenderizing beef before it's cooked. Here's what you do to the meat using a meat mallet:

  1. 1 Place meat on a chopping board. (Feel free to cover the meat with plastic wrap or a heavy-duty freezer bag).
  2. 2 Using the spiked side of the meat mallet, gently pound the meat until it's the surface is docked with the spikes. Make sure you pass the spikes over the entire surface of the meat at least once to ensure even tenderness. 
  3. 3 Once docked well with the spiked end, turn over the meat mallet and use the flat side to even out the surface of the meat to about 1/4-inch thick. Season and bread as recipe states or as desired. 
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You can do this same technique even without a meat mallet. What you can use is a rolling pin, a small but heavy pan, a heavy can of food, or even an actual hammer. Just protect your meat with the plastic if you do. 

If you're curious to try the method and the recipe, here are recipes to try: 


1 Pork Schnitzel Recipe 

This fast-cooking pork recipe makes for a fantastic breakfast option from the tapa, tocino, and longganisa combo meals you're more familiar with. You can even prepare this the day or the night before by simply pounding it down until thin, coating it properly, and then storing it covered in the refrigerator until ready to cook the next morning.

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May 30, 2016


2 Chicken Schnitzel Recipe 

Swap out the pork for tender chicken instead! This recipe is especially delightful for those with kids since this is basically a fried chicken recipe but without all the bones! Feel free to use your favorite fried chicken seasonings for the breading but if you want to keep it in theme with the cut, use the recipe as stated. 

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May 30, 2016

Want to learn other easy pork and chicken recipes to make this week? Here are a few lists of easy recipes to browse and choose from:  


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