How To Make Pizza Dough + Recipe To Make At Home

It's a basic bread recipe that you can make just as easily at home.

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Pizza dough really is a basic bread recipe that you can make just as easily at home. The biggest difference may be how much sugar, salt, and even yeast that's in the dough and how it's formed. It starts with bread flour just like any bread recipe. However, it's chewier and more seasoned than other bread. It should be tasty on its own and the amount of seasoning that goes into the dough may be the difference that makes it stand out. Plus, it's rolled out into a flat round instead of balls for loaves.  

There are different kinds of pizza you can make, too. Here are different kinds of pizzas and how it's different from the usual flat and round pizza:

  1. 1 Deep-dish or Chicago-Style Pizza is a style is popular in Chicago, hence, the name. Many pizzerias in that US city bake their pizzas in a dish that is a few inches deep.
  1. 2 Stuffed Crust Pizza is exactly that: a pizza crust with cheese rolled into the crust.
  1. 3 Thin Crust or New York-Style Pizza is a pizza style that many people are the most familiar with: a rich tomato sauce with toppings and melted cheese. 
  1. 4 Neapolitan Pizza is a thin-crusted pizza that is lighter than other pizza crusts and is baked in a wood-fire or coal oven.
  1. 5 Thick Crust or Pan Pizza has a thick crust that allows you to pile on the toppings. 

Which is the tone you're looking to make? Here is a pizza dough recipe to try plus the tomato sauce that goes on top of it before the toppings. 

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If you need tips and tricks for shaping the dough, the Fabulous Baker Brother Tom Herbert has great tips. 

Now that you have pizza dough ready, all you have to do is to add toppings and bake at a ripping hot 400 degrees F or 200 degrees C oven. Here are recipes to try:   

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1 Homemade Four Cheese Pizza Recipe

Any combination of cheese can be a four cheese pizza but for the classic version, try Parmesan, Cheddar, Monterey, and of course, mozzarella for that cheese stretch that everyone looks for in their pizza. Swap in Fontina for a buttery, nutty taste. Finish it off with torn basil leaves for that classic red, white, and green look. 


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2 Margherita Pizza Recipe 

You can be as basic as you want with your pizza but if you truly want one that's classic, the Margherita pizza is the one you want to try. The simplicity of this pizza really showcases the delicious flavors of each ingredient: the tangy tomato sauce, the stretchy cheese, the herby basil, and of course, the chewy pizza crust.


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3 Truffle Mushroom Pizza Recipe 

Tomato sauce or red sauce isn't everyone's favorite flavor. For those who love the umami from mushrooms and creamy sauces, you'll love this version of the pizza that ditches the preconceived notions of what a pizza should be. This uses cream cheese and truffle mushroom paste as a base and fresh mushrooms as toppings. Amp up the indulgence and drizzle on good extra virgin olive oil and honey on top before taking a bite.  


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4 Pesto and Roast Chicken Pizza Recipe 

Anyone who loves pesto and chicken together as a meal combo will love it on this pizza! This pizza comes together pretty easy since you can buy both ingredients already premade and precooked. Grab a jar of your favorite pesto and a rotisserie chicken. (This can even be leftover roast chicken from last night, we won't tell!) Spread and pile it on then bake. Instant pizza!  


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5 Mini Pepperoni Pizza Recipe  

Who said that you have to use pizza dough in the first place? For a homemade version of a pizza that's fast and easy, use what you have and if French bread is what you have, use that. This easy pizza is truly fast: toast the bread, add tomato sauce and toppings, and toast again. These pepperoni "pizzas" are perfect serving sizes for kids, so feel free to use the same toppings for a full-sized pizza just for yourself on real pizza dough. 


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The toppings of a pizza can really be any number of ingredients and can be anything that you love to eat! Top it with sausage and caramelized onions, make it thematic with local ingredients for a Pinoy pizza, add laing for Bicol-inspired pizza, or add spinach, mushrooms, and an egg or two for a unique take on a pizza.     


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