Here’s Everything You Need To Make Tacos

You might have some of these ingredients in your kitchen already!

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Tacos are fun, there's no doubt about it. This traditional Mexican dish made with a corn or wheat tortilla or hard-shell can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings. You only need a few ingredients to make tacos  (you might already have them in your pantry!) not just on Cinco de Mayo but any day of the year. Here's everything you need to make a simple hard-shell beef taco:




1 Tortillas or hard-shell

Soft tortilla or hard-shell tacos-you decide! Either way, they're both fun to eat and you can pile on the toppings as much as you want.



2 Ground Beef

Ask the butcher at your meat shop or grocery to grind your choice cuts on the spot. Not only will you get the freshest meat possible, this ensures your tacos taste extra crazy-good.


You can also switch out beef if you prefer another protein: last night's grilled chicken or steak make great fillings as is freshly-cooked shrimp.



3 Taco Seasoning

Grab a pack at the grocery and mix them in with your ground meat once it is browned. Make sure to follow package instructions on proportions.

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4 Onions

Dice tomatoes and add them on your taco with as little or as much as you want.



5 Tomatoes

Diced or sliced tomatoes add extra texture and flavor to your tacos. Make sure you use the ripest ones you can find.



6 Lettuce

Crunchy and crisp thinly-shredded lettuce add texture and a refreshing bite to your tacos. 



7 Salsa of Your Choice

We like our salsa extra chunky! You can also get one with jalapeño chunks if you like tacos with a little heat.



8 Cheese

Cheddar, Jack cheese or whatever kind of cheese you prefer, grate it and pile your tacos with as much as you want. Go for store-bought shredded cheese if you have less time on your hands to prep. 



9 Lime, Guacamole, Avocado, Hot Sauce 

Squeeze limes over them, add avocado chunks, or drizzle a few drops of hot sauce-these are optional! The best part about tacos is that you don't always need a recipe and they can be made on the fly. Dig in!




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