All The Pork Marinades To Use For Samgyupsal

You can have a tasty DIY K-BBQ fest at home with these marinades.

Korean barbecues, or more commonly known as samgyupsal, is still quite popular. It’s an easy and interactive dining experience that relies on fresh but fast cooking ingredients and a barbecue that is flaming hot to cook your prepared meats quickly and efficiently.

If the dining experience wasn’t enough, the delicious and tender cuts of meat are definitely a lure. For any meat lover, these barbecue places are frequented because the meat is really super delicious. From the tender slices of beef that take seconds to cook to the juicy and succulent pork that begs to be grilled to perfection, all this is done on the specialized Korean barbecue grills.

If you’re planning on having a Do-It-Yourself Korean barbecue at home, you’re going to need to prepare. One of these things you need to have ready is the meat. You can simply buy the meat prepped and ready to grill or you can jazz up your samgyupsal feast with flavorful pork inihaw marinades in a number of sauces.

Here are a few pork marinades to try for your next K-BBQ night at home:


1 Korean Bulgogi Recipe 

This classic savory barbecue sauce is important to know. It’s a simple combination of rather ordinary ingredients but together, it becomes a silky, sweet, savory, and ultimately, a very versatile sauce that you can use on just about anything. This is the sauce that will make all your delicious Korean dishes more flavorful! To make anything taste like a real Korean barbecue, you just need to pour this over the meats and even veggies and cook. 

Photo by David Hanson

2 Pork Char Siu Recipe 

Pork that’s been barbecued is a classic dish but for the Chinese, this means char siu. The sweet, cloying sauce is at the same time similar to Western barbecue sauces but different, too. It’s the spices, which include the five-spice powder, that make this Eastern barbecue sauce so addictive. If you love a balanced barbecue sauce of sweet-spicy to go with your pork, this is the marinade to use.   


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Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

3 Garlic and Soy Marinade Recipe  

A pork marinade as simple as garlic and soy sauce can be tossed together in minutes to create pork that’s powerfully flavorful. There’s no need to go too fancy with the marinades if it’s tasty already.  

Photo by Rico Jose

4 Lemongrass, Calamansi, and Fish Sauce Marinade Recipe 

These aromatic and flavorful ingredients are common to add to simple marinades but are usually not the highlight in terms of flavor. However, when you focus on just these three as the main ingredients, you get a deliciously simple marinade that tenderizes as well as flavors. Plus, the pork doesn’t need to marinate for very long since the calamansi can “overcook” the pork. Just a quick 20-minute marinade can be enough to make your pork tasty straight off the grill.  

Photo by Majoy Siason

5 Pork Tapa Recipe 

Whoever loves the flavor of tapa can use the same marinade for pork to cook on the Korean barbecue! If breakfast is always better when there tapa, just imagine the fried pork when it’s been grilled. The sugar and soy sauce will create a gorgeous char that you’ll only get when you marinate it right. Serve your pork tapa with chargrilled garlic for that classic pairing you love.   

Photo by Dairy Darilag

6 Pork with Oyster Sauce Recipe 

Give your pork some umami flavor with oyster sauce. This version uses oyster sauce together with the thick and sweet soy sauce, kecap manis, and sesame oil to elevate the flavors of the marinade. The pork will glisten with this thick sauce but it will mean pork that’s both savory, a little sweet, and super aromatic as it chars on the grill.

Too many ingredients to think about? You can simply marinate your pork in just one: choose soy sauce, patis, or even plain salt and pepper will do! You can also toss your pork in either gochugaru or gochujang, the Korean chili powder or the hot pepper paste, for a spicy kick that you know you’re going to crave! 


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