How To Organize Your Kitchen Drawer

Every kitchen drawer deserves to be neat.

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Pull out a drawer in your kitchen. Is it as organized as the rest of the kitchen? 

Many homeowners went on an organizing spree during the quarantine, and it resulted in some beautifully and perfectly organized pantries and refrigerators. These organizing ideas were indeed #goals. 

Some areas of the kitchen were not the focus of these organizing sprees. One of these areas is the kitchen drawer. Drawers are especially prone to becoming junk drawers. Most utensils are easily thrown into this storage option. Stop yourself from making these kinds of drawers and instead transform them into more functional areas. 

One of the first rules of decluttering any area is to take everything out, so take everything out of the drawers so you can start fresh, with empty storage space. You should clean it properly, including sanitizing, deodorizing, and then completely drying the drawer before you proceed, so you're not dealing with a musty drawer. 


To completely clean your drawer and have it stay clean longer, remember to also do the same to the drawer space that you'll be placing these drawers in. That is the area where the critters are hiding out if you're not cleaning savvy. 

Once the cleaning is done, you can start organizing your kitchen drawer with these steps:  

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1 Group your kitchen gadgets and utensils. 

How do you want your drawers organized? There are a few ways to decide this: by usage or by purpose. By usage, we mean how often do you reach for these items. These could be the cooking utensils or the can opener and vegetable peeler that you use on a daily basis. By purpose just means if you will group items according to whether it's a baking tool or a cooking tool for example.  

To make your drawers more efficient for your use, separate your utensils and gadgets into a pile of tools you use every day and another pile of tools that you use only occasionally. You may want the kitchen gadgets and utensils that you will be using the most frequently in the drawers that are in the top drawer. However, you may also want to have the baking tools you use frequently to be there, too. For tools that are too large for your top drawers, place these in the bottom larger drawers nearest your work area for easy access.


While this may be a dilemma you cannot decide immediately, by grouping your utensils you already know where it should go.      

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2 Divide the drawer into sections. 

You have a plan with your drawers. Now it's time to decide how to divide the drawer. You may want to invest in drawer dividers or containers. There are some available online such as adjustable partition plastic boards which are easy to adjust and trim to the size you want and need. This is going to be super helpful especially in keeping all your utensils and gadgets in place while you open and close the drawer.    


You can also use cardboard or pieces of wood for these moveable partitions but the main point is if your tools are in their own little area, it will not only stay organized but it will also be easier for you to find the tool you're looking for when you need it fast.    

4pcs Divider Adjustable Drawer Partition Board, P35, Shopee

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3 Decide to stack or use a rack for plates. 

The lower drawers may be the perfect place for plates. If this is where you want to store plates instead of a cabinet that's at eye level, you need to decide if these will be stacked just like it would be if it were in a cabinet or lined up in a dish rack. A dish rack would mean needing a drawer that is much taller so unless you have that available, stacking plates is the way to go. 

Just remember that small plates are best when stacked on top of larger plates since a stack that's too high may lead to its toppling over. 

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4 Add a liner. 

This is optional but might be handy for those who want their drawers to stay as organized and clean as possible. These plastic liners function much like your closet liners would: it protects the drawer and the utensils from each other as well as adding a pretty burst of color when you open each drawer. This is perfect for those who like to color coordinate, too.  

Soft Flexible Plastic Refrigerator Mat, P49, Lazada   

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5 Fill the drawer! 

You're ready, and so is the drawer. Fill it up then stand back and admire that your kitchen not only has an organized pantry and refrigerator but also drawers to make most of us envy your kitchen.  


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