How to Package Baked Goods

Want to give out home-baked goodies? Here's how to pack those cookies and brownies properly.


THE DILEMMA: You want to give your friends the gift of home-baked goodness. But how do you pack cookies or brownies to ensure they stay fresher longer?

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Look for food-grade materials for your goodies. Purchase packaging materials that are specifically meant for storing food, like these metal tins (available at Cooks Exchange and Sweetcraft). Baked goods stay fresher longer if the packaging is airtight, and the tins are easy to jazz up and personalize. Plus, they can be reused!

To minimize cookie or brownie breakage, stuff crumpled wax or parchment paper in the empty spaces.

Also helpful: Attach instructions to your gift to let the receiver know where to store your lovingly baked goods—should they be chilled or simply stored in a cool, dry place?

When deciding what to bake and give, choose treats that travel well or maintain their quality for longer periods of time. Avoid giving delicate items that quickly dry out; instead, go for hardier treats such as blueberry muffins or banana bread.

Stuff you can package:


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