The Easiest Way To Peel + Slice Lots Of Ripe Mangoes

It's the fastest way to do it!

You might subscribe to the classic way of cutting mango cheeks into squares and turning them out. There's nothing wrong with that, especially if it's just one or two, and you're going to eat it straight from the skin.

However, if you want a flawless way to make beautiful mango slivers for a cake, or lots of mango cubes for mango float, then there's a better way to do it. You can use a spoon to scoop out the flesh but if you're using a small spoon, that will take several scoops and may not be the shape you want.

What to do? If you don't have a big cooking spoon, use a thin-rimmed glass at least as tall as your mango! Here are a few tips: 

Illustrator Jasper Castro


Step 1: Cut off the cheeks of the mango.

Separate the seed from the rest of the mango by simply cutting off the cheeks. Set aside the seed to scrap later.

Illustrator Jasper Castro
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Step 2: Push the tip of the mango against the rim of the glass.

Align the tip of the mango against the rim of the glass. The glass rim should be between the flesh and the peel. Once aligned, push the glass rim against the mango peel so the flesh slides into the glass. This will separate the mango from the skin. Now, you have a perfectly peeled mango cheek. Repeat with the other cheek. 

Illustrator Jasper Castro

Step 3: Cut the mango to your desired shape.

This is the perfect base shape to make different kinds of sliced mangoes. You can make moon-shaped, long slivers, or cubes that would best suit the dish or dessert you're making.

Master this, and you've got your mango peeling skills down pat! This hack will guarantee that you yield as much mango flesh from those mango cheeks! Now, check out our recipes using this technique and a guide on finding the perfect mangoes.


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