WATCH: How to Peel, Slice, and Chop an Onion

Walk through the basic knife skills with us: here's how to peel, chop, and slice an onion.


An onion is a necessary base ingredient for many dishes, and prep knowledge is a must in home cooking. Remember, use this little trick on how to peel, slice, and chop an onion without crying:


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How to peel an onion:


1  Chop off the two ends of the onion.


2  Lightly tap your knife on the onion to score it, then peel off the first layer. 



How to slice an onion: 


1  Slice down the middle of a peeled onion, pole-to-pole. 


2  Lay one half down on its flat side and slice through. Repeat with the other half. 


Tip: Leaving out the root of the onion will result to a sweeter-tasting and more aromatic dish. 



How to chop and mince an onion: 


1  Slice a peeled onion in half, pole-to-pole. 


2  Lay half down on its flat side. Slice through horizontally twice, until you reach the root. 


3  Slice through vertically.


4  Flip the onion perpendicularly and slice through vertically. 


5  To mince, run your knife through the onions until very fine. 


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