This Is How You Can Cook Your Chicken Breast Faster

Don't cut in half! Do this instead.

Drop by the butcher shop and you’ll see how the butchers cut up the chicken for fried chicken. They’re fast and efficient, and it’s amazing to see how they know exactly how to cut up a chicken for the dish. 

The most common way to cut up chicken results in 8 pieces made of two of each of these parts: breast, wings, thigh, and leg. (The backbone and neck are commonly reserved for the soup pot but this can be added if desired.)  

You can take their cue with the 8 standard pieces or do this one step the next time you cut up chicken, whether for fried chicken or another dish.

Photo by Riell Santos

The biggest piece of the chicken is the chicken breast. Since it’s the biggest piece, it’s common to see it cut in half so it can cook evenly since it’s not only a big piece but also a very thick cut. However, this usually results in the bigger, thicker half of the chicken breast taking longer to cook than the thinner, tapered end of the breast.


Instead of cutting the chicken breast in half, do this: don’t cut it in half. Make the cut at the 2/3 mark instead. You’ll have a chicken breast that is smaller but thicker and the tapered end will be longer but since it’s thinner, it will cook in about the same length of time as the other part. 

This chicken cutting tip will ensure that your chicken pieces will more evenly cook, no matter what part of the chicken you’re cooking. 



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