How To Regrow Kangkong So You Never Buy A New Bundle Ever Again

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Is sinigang always in your rotation of ulam you cook at home? If so, then you probably always buy a new bundle of kangkong (water spinach) to add the delicious leafy greens to your sinigang. You remove the leaves, throw out the stems, and then buy a new kangkong bundle again for another round of sinigang.

If you're looking to save grocery shopping money, you can easily regrow the kangkong bundle you just bought so you never have to buy a new bundle of kangkong ever again. The good news? It's fairly simple and easy, you don't really need a green thumb to achieve it.

What You Need To Grow Kangkong

Left vase is months-old kangkong, right bottle contains three-week old kangkong.
Photo by Bea Faicol

To regrow the kangkong you just bought, all you need is a vase and water. After you have cut out the kangkong leaves, you can place the stems (at least seven inches from the bottom up) inside a vase or a bottle, and fill the container with water but don't submerge the entire stems. It's important to change the water every day or so, so as to avoid any mosquitos from breeding in the water.

Where To Grow Your Kangkong

The yellow stems are the new growths from hydroponics.
Photo by Bea Faicol
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What's great about this is that you don't need a garden, people living in a condo can do this too, so as long as you store the bottle or vase in an area that receives sunlight. In a matter of a week, you can already see new stem growth (they're lighter, more yellowish in color), and even small kangkong leaves, too.

How Long To Grow Kangkong

Enjoy fresh kangkong all year round!
Photo by Bea Faicol

It can take weeks or two weeks or a month before the leaves are big enough to harvest, but if you don't mind using smaller kangkong leaves to add to your dishes, then you can harvest early! Nothing beats fresh kangkong, all year round.

Here are some recipes you can use for kangkong:


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