How To Store Avocados And Prevent It From Browning

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Avocados are super creamy fruits that have a buttery, sweet flavor that is a mix of fresh and  nutty flavors. It's best bought when still unripe because the difference between an unripe avocado and a ripe one can be a matter of one day. 

You can speed up the ripening of the avocado so you don't have to wait too long after buying your avocado. You can leave it alone and discover that the best tasting avocado is those allowed to ripen on its own. You can also place it in a bowl of rice or a paper bag so the avocados can produce ethylene gas and speed up the process of its ripening in an enclosed area. Plus, this method prevents any other fruits from ripening faster than it should.  

However, what if your avocado is already ripe and you don't want to use it just yet? Stop perfectly ripe avocados from turning mushy with this storage tip: freeze it.   

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Freezing is definitely an underutilized kitchen preparation for other ingredients other than meat. Fresh vegetables and fruits can also be frozen so that it's easy to keep longer and fresher. For avocados, freezing not only stops the fruits from ripening to the mushy stage but will also stop them from browning. Ensure it stays vibrant and green with a little lemon juice.  


Plus, it's super simple to do! Simply prepare the avocado as desired, with or without a little lemon or calamansi juice added: mashed, sliced, chopped into chunks, or left whole. Place the avocado in an airtight container and freeze. You can also wrap the big slices with plastic wrap so you can individually store the fruits in your freezer. Keeping as much air out of the packaging is ideal for storage. 

You'll find that it's easy to use as frozen and turn it into delicious icy desserts, such as avocado ice cream, shakes, or popsicles. You can also thaw in the refrigerator and mash it up for avocado toast or mix it with cream cheese for a spoonable avocado cheesecake dessert


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