How To Store Avocados, According To TikTok

These TikTok users show you how easily it can be done.

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Love eating and preparing fresh avocados? 

You might already know how to make an avocado that's not quite ripe yet to ripen faster in two different ways: you either leave it to ripen on its own, naturally, or you can place it in a bag or a container with either rice or an apple. Once ripe, we show you how to peel, cut, and (safely!) remove the avocado pit. You may also store the cut-up fruit to stop it from both browning and prolong its shelf life. 

Normally, people add some sort of acidic ingredient on avocados. This can be calamansi juice, lemon juice, or lime juice. This is great if you're making guacamole or some other dish that will benefit from the sour citrus juice added. However, if you're making it into a dessert and sour is not a flavor you want in your dessert, you may not want to add this.  


If you're on TikTok, you may have seen various ways of stopping avocados from browning. User @myhealthydish uses a common method but makes it super easy to follow: 


Here's my food hack! Save your avocados before the go bad by freezing them ##avocados ##foodhack ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner

? HOT & SPICY SALSA - Jaycee Mante

Freezing is definitely an underutilized kitchen preparation for other ingredients other than meat. Freezing not only stops the avocado from ripening to the mushy stage but will also stop them from browning. Plus, it's super simple to do! 

Another user @thelebaneseplate tried out another person's tip. She proves that not only does it work but it's super easy to do as well, especially since you do not need to thaw the avocado before using it the next day. 

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@thelebaneseplate Good ???? tip @ kmag1 #avocado #kitchentip #foryoupage #fyp #TikTokAustralia #avocadolove ? original sound - thelebaneseplate

If you're not yet tired of all the ways you can enjoy this gorgeously green fruit, here are ways you can make an avocado into an indulgent dessert. You can also have avocado desserts delivered straight to your home if you're not up to making it yourself. 



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