How To Store Bouillon Cubes Properly

Store them properly so you'll always have the start of a super flavorful dish.

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We're willing to bet you have some kind of concentrated form of broth or stock in your kitchen. Whether you like using the kind that comes in cubes, granules, or powdered form, these bouillon cubes are the perfect substitute for homemade stock and broth.

Store them properly so you'll always have this flavorful ingredient! Depending on what kind of concentrated stock you have, here are the best ways to store them: 

These bouillon cubes are the perfect substitute for homemade stock and broth.
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1 How to store bouillon cubes

Since stock cubes are semi-moist, the best place to store these flavorful squares is really in the refrigerator. You'll find that your cubes will keep longer and stay fresher if you store them in the refrigerator. This is especially true if you've opened a packet and only used a portion. 

However, note that once chilled, these will be prone to condensation so it's best to keep these cubes cold once you decide to store these in there. Otherwise, it will be prone to condensation or moisture which is the enemy of any food you want to store for any amount of time. 

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Stock or broth in the granulated form are super flavorful! Store them properly.
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2 How to store stock granules and powders  

The best way to preserve stock granules and powders is in an airtight container preferably with desiccants or silica gel packets in your kitchen cupboard away from the stove. The airtight container will keep pests, outside moisture, and other exterior forces from entering your powdered milk. 

Desiccants or silica gel packets meanwhile absorb excess moisture that would otherwise turn your granules and powder into a clump. Known as moisture absorbers, you'll have to either collect these from other packets or buy these online. You may be wondering what these are. These packets are found in many packages of dried food. Love baked sushi? You probably saw one of these little packets included with the nori sheets or dried seaweed sheets or inside chips and snack bags. Just a note that these are not edible so it's best kept sealed in their little packets. No need to open them to use them since the packets are usually made of breathable materials so moisture can be absorbed. 



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