How To Store Coffee Beans + Storage Suggestions

Are you storing your coffee properly?

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Coffee that tastes old isn't always about age. Sometimes, it's about how you store your precious coffee.

Are you storing your coffee properly? 

Whether you grind your beans fresh daily, brew from coffee grounds, or enjoy the speed and convenience of instant coffee, all of these coffee options share similar storage requirements. Here is the most important tip you need to know about storing coffee: 

Store coffee away from heat, light, and moisture. 

No matter what kind of coffee you enjoy, beans, grounds, and granules need to be stored in containers that keep them away from these big three enemies of coffee. Basically, the container needs to be placed in a container that is not clear, is airtight, and is placed in an area that is cool. 

"Cool" does not mean the refrigerator or the freezer. Contrary to what most people think, the refrigerator and freezer is the worst place to store coffee that you use for your daily brew. The fluctuating temperatures between the cold of the refrigerator to the warmth of room temperature will create condensation. That's moisture that you should be keeping away from your coffee.


Instead, store your opaque, airtight container of coffee in a cabinet farthest from the stove and oven. However, there is one reason to store coffee in the freezer: if you're storing it for a long period of time. If you do, it's suggested that you store it in small portions that you can easily consume so you do not subject the coffee to too much moisture from its thaw. 

Now that you know how you should store your coffee, here are suggestions about how to do it right so you will always have delicious freshly brewed coffee every morning: 

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1 Premiere Housewares Dolomite Coffee Containers 

You have to love the variety of designs that you'll find online. When it comes to organizing, jars and containers like these for your kitchen are available for delivery. These containers are all made of dolomite, a cement or stone-like material. You can find them in many designs and shapes but all are topped with a rubber-sealed lid to make them more airtight. 

Premier Housewares Canister White Triangle with Bamboo Lid, P899,

Premier Housewares Black Ceramic Text Coffee Storage Jar, P924,

Fenwick Wilder Coffee Canister, P899,

Fenwick Canister Space Orbs Gold, P949,

Premiere Housewares Coffee Fenwick Canister Light Gray, P899, 

Photo by Shopee

2 Metal Coffee, Tea, and Sugar Canisters 

If you're a fan of metalcraft, these are the canisters you want in your kitchen. These come in a set of three so you're assured that you and your tea-loving sister will get both your caffeine fixes every morning from the correct containers. 

Kitchen Canisters Set, P984, Shopee

Photo by Lazada

3 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealed Coffee Canisters  

For containers that combine a stainless steel body with the flexibility of plastic, this vacuum-sealing coffee canister is not just reliable. It's also super useful in keeping track of how long your coffee beans have been inside. It's got a date tracker on top! You'll never have old-tasting coffee again. Plus, it comes in gorgeous colors that can easily match your kitchen aesthetic. 

Chef King Stainless Steel Coffee Canisters, available in gold, silver, red, and black, starting at P915, Lazada 

Photo by Ikea

4 Ikea Coffee Tea Canister

Got a thing for Nordic designs with an affordable price tag? Then this elegant coffee canister is for you. This metal square box is small enough to contain enough coffee grounds to ensure that you get your daily fix without wasting a big stash. 

BLOMNING Coffee/tea canister, P90, Ikea

Photo by Lazada

5 Checkerboard Ceramic Storage Jars

These storage jars are simply designed but add a touch of class with seemingly random accents of gold among the squares of white and black. These are made of ceramic so you know these will fit right in with the rest of your dinnerware and other storage jars and containers. Invest in the entire series to complete the black and white theme you've been aiming for. 

Checkerboard series ceramic storage jars, starting at P1,299, Lazada 

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