Are You Storing Your Eggs Wrong?

It's not just where you store but how.

Refrigerators are one of our biggest appliances in the kitchen. It’s where you store your fresh produce, fresh meats, and even bottled and canned goods that have been opened and now need refrigeration to stay as fresh as possible. 

If you take a look at your refrigerator, there are certain compartments in it that indicate where you should be placing particular items. As you organize your refrigerator with your groceries, you might notice that the container of eggs is placed on the door. 

While this suggests that eggs are to be placed on the door, you already know that this isn’t where eggs should be stored. In fact, this is one of the biggest mistakes people make when storing their eggs! They believe that this is the right place to store eggs when in reality, to store eggs properly, it should be in the colder section since the colder the egg, the longer it will stay fresh. However, you can totally disregard this rule if you consume eggs regularly and find that that the door storage is more convenient than having to reach into the depths every time you need an egg. 

Knowing where to store your fresh eggs isn’t just the only thing that can keep your eggs fresher. 

You need to know which end goes where when storing your eggs to keep it fresher, longer.
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Did you know that how you store your eggs, pointed end up or pointed egg down, can ensure that your eggs stay fresher, too? 


It can! Here’s why: 

All eggs contain three main parts: the egg yolk, the egg white, and an air pocket. The air pocket is located on the rounded end side. When the egg is placed pointed side down with the rounded end up, the egg yolk, which is normally in the center of the egg white and can shift while suspended in it, is in the center of the egg and won’t be touching the air pocket. When the pointed side is up and the rounded end is down, the egg yolk can and will touch the air pocket. 

The location of egg yolk is important because the air, even inside the egg since the eggshell is porous, can house airborne microbes. The yolk is more perishable than the egg white so when it invades the area where the air pocket is, it can become exposed to contaminated air and becomes no longer as sterile as it could be. This contamination can hasten the degradation of the egg’s freshness. 

Basically, keep your eggs as fresh as you can by not only placing your eggs in the colder section of the refrigerator but also by making sure that each egg is placed pointed end down so the yolk will stay as fresh as it can longer. 

Eggs are super versatile and used in so many recipes that having fresh eggs is a recipe necessity! For all those recipes that require eggs, having the freshest eggs possible is a tribute to your commitment to serving the best food, too. Take care and the next time you see a package of eggs with the rounded ends up, you know it’s because the farmers want to keep it fresher, longer. So should you. 


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