How To Store Garlic Properly

Where do you store it?

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You probably store garlic and onions together on your kitchen counter. This is popular but we bet you don't know why this method of storage is the best. 

Garlic bulbs are cured just like onions are cured. Curing just means that the garlic that have been freshly harvested from the garden or farm are left in a cool and dry area. This can take as long as a few months. This curing time allows the garlic's papery skins to shrink, tighten around the bulbs, and dry up. This papery skin is what keeps them safe from moisture and mold. When these are removed, garlic are actually more prone to spoiling faster. When cured and stored properly, fresh garlic can actually last as long as a year in storage! That's why when it comes to storing garlic, you need to mimic the same conditions.

So, where is the best place to store garlic? 


The kitchen counter is exactly where you should store them and have probably been storing them all your adult life. 

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Why not in the refrigerator? If you store garlic in the refrigerator, it might start to sprout in a few days. The only time you should store garlic in the cold refrigerator is if you've already peeled and/or chopped them up. Garlic however can last a few days at the most at room temperature without its protective paper peel. If you do remove the peel, best to use it soon or it will be in danger of drying out. 



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