You Might Be Storing Glasses And Mugs Wrong

Do you store your glasses rims up or rims down?

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If you drink a beverage, whether it's a glass of water or a cup of coffee, you probably have to clean the glass or mug and store it until needed again.

Once it's been washed, how do you store your glasses? Some might say their glasses are stored with the rims facing up, so it's easy to pick up and immediately pour in their drink of choice. Others might say that they store glasses with the rims facing down or upside down in the cabinet, so you know it hasn't been used yet. 

Are you storing your glasses wrong? Should it be stored rims up or rims down? The answers may surprise you because the answer lies in both your preference and how long and where it will be stored. Plus, storing glasses that you use every day and glasses that you store and only use for special occasions need different ways of storing.

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Why do these matter? 

Everyday glasses or glasses and mugs you use on a daily basis are easy to use when it's stored with the rims up. This might be your preference, and this is fine to do. That's because these are frequently washed every day and highly unlikely to attract enough dust and other dirt to be concerning. 


There's another reason why you might consider storing your glasses with the rims up. If you wash and air-dry your glasses, make sure that the surface you place the glasses on allows air to circulate. For sanitary reasons, glasses and cups should be placed rims up because if you use a damp towel or a liner that is damp, the dampness might encourage bacteria or even mold to grow as it dries up. Since the rim of the glass is on it, it will be contaminated by these growing bacteria. Plus, it can develop a musty, moldy smell when allowed to dry and then be stored upside down as well.

However, glasses are that are going to be stored for a longer period of time in the cabinet, in a box, or in whatever storage container you will place the glasses in, are best when stored with the rims down. This is because long-term storage means that it can collect dust, insect droppings, and other dirt. This not only makes it more sanitary but it also makes it easier to clean since you're not dealing with stubborn dust and other caked-on dirt in the bottom of a glass, especially if it's not regularly cleaned. 


So, how do you store your glasses? 


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