The Best Way to Store Leftover All-Purpose Cream

All-purpose cream needs to be stored and sealed properly.

All-purpose cream is an ingredient that is extremely versatile and accessible-find it in cartons in almost any grocery shelf in Manila and use them for both sweet and savory dishes. Cream-filled crepes, luscious cheesecakes, and smooth stews? Check! Keep a few cartons of all-purpose cream lined up in your pantry to be able to whip up the dinner or dessert to your liking.



When unopened, all-purpose cream can sit in your pantry for months. If you plan to make a dessert, you are better off storing the cartons of cream in your refrigerator. If you end up with a little leftover cream, and a carton that is snipped off at the corner, remember to transfer the cream into a clean, sterile, and airtight plastic or glass reusable container. Avoid leaving the opened carton in your refrigerator-this could let the cream spoil faster and absorb flavors and odors of other leftover food stored in your refrigerator.




If you are left with unused canned cream, store it the same way and do not leave opened cans of cream inside your refrigerator. Metal rusts easily when exposed to moisture. Also, remember to use the leftover cream within 4 to 5 days and give it a little taste to check if it is still good to cook and bake with.


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Sep 10, 2010

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