This Is How You Store Onions Properly

Onions need its space.

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Are you storing your onions properly? You might not be if you're keeping these bulbs in the refrigerator or in the plastic bag it came in. 

Onions need their space apparently but more than that, give these bulbs breathing room, too. Here's why: 

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According to this gardening supply website, onions should be stored in a dark cool place. Not only that, it specifies that the container you place your onions in should be one that has air circulation. If you have a bunch of onions, you can use a box but make sure it has holes in them to promote air circulation which is needed for onions to stay fresher longer.  


You know those mesh bags that the onions are in when you shop at your local supermarket. Those aren't just to package the onions in a bunch. Mesh bags are perfect for storing onions since it allows a lot of air circulation, too. According to Eat This, giving your onions enough room to breathe is ideal so that mold doesn't develop on these fresh alliums. Fight off the mold, you fight off spoilage for a longer period of time, too. 

Once onions are cut, however, it's a good idea to stave off that mold by storing these in air-tight containers in the refrigerator. 

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By the way, did you know that you should not store onions and potatoes together? Keep them apart and in separate containers! Apparently, potatoes produce a gas that makes onions spoil faster and vice versa.  


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