How To Store Powdered Milk Properly

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Powdered milk is an ingredient that is available almost everywhere. It's not only used as a substitute for fresh milk but it can also be used in baking recipes, too. In fact, it's one of the important ingredients in polvoron, pastillas, ice scrambol, and even "cheese" bread

If you have more powdered milk than you think you need, you need to store it properly. Powdered milk is notorious for turning into a huge clump of what was loose powder. If this ever happened to you, you are probably not storing your powdered milk correctly. 

One of the best ways of storing powdered milk is storing it in cool yet dry areas in your kitchen. This means not near the stove where it will be warm and the milk powder will melt. This also means not in the refrigerator. The refrigerator, while cool and dry, will also cause condensation. The change in temperature from the cold refrigerator to room temperature can cause water to form in the air surrounding the milk powder and thus, cause it to become moist, speeding up the spoilage. 

This milk product should be kept stored in a cool, dry place.
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So, how do you store milk powder? 

In an airtight container with desiccants or silica gel packets in your kitchen cupboard away from the stove.  The airtight container will keep pests, outside moisture, and other exterior forces from entering your powdered milk. Desiccants or silica gel packets meanwhile you'll have to either collect or buy. You may be wondering what these are. These packets are found in many packages of dried food. Love baked sushi? You probably saw one of these little packets included with the nori sheets or dried seaweed sheets


You can also place dehumidifying or other moisture-absorbing packs in the kitchen storage area as well. These will be especially useful during the wet or rainy season or if your storage area's humidity is high. 


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