Hate Using A Knife? Use This Instead To Finely “Chop” Vegetables

No knife skills needed!

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Not everyone is skilled with a knife. While many of us handle the usual kitchen tasks using a knife with some dexterity, not all of us like the tedious nature of chopping up ingredients. 

That's why there are many products out on the market that addresses this singular task! The food processor, blender, and mini choppers are the electric, super-fast machines that can puree, chop, and grate ingredients in minutes and even seconds if the amount is small enough. 

However, you don't need these fancy machines to do simple jobs but you also don't need to dread reaching for that knife. Instead, why not use a grater?      

No knife skills needed! The grater is the handy kitchen tool you should be using more often because it's easy to use and you can be done in seconds, too. Even better, if you have a box grater, this is perfect for bigger kitchen tasks because there's no need to find a way to make it stable and steady while you grate.  


Here's how to use a grater to "finely" chop your ingredients: 

  • If needed or desired, peel your vegetable. 
  • Trim one end, keeping the end with the stem intact as a handle.  
  • Place the grater against a stable surface over a cutting board or plate. 
  • Scrape the trimmed end of your vegetable in a downward motion against the large or small grating holes. 
  • Repeat the action until you reach the end of the vegetable. 

There are other slots in your grater that you can use, too! You can evenly slice onions, carrots, and cucumbers and then use the rasp to zest an orange or lemon or shred fresh ginger. 

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Try it out using any of these delicious recipes:

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

1 Easy Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe 

Recipes that have many ingredients like this lumpiang shanghai can be made easier with a grater! Who said you have to chop the onions, carrots, and other ingredients? Using a grater not only makes the task of finely chopping much easier, but each strand is also evenly sized so you never get a too-big-of-a-bite of anything. 

Photo by Dairy Darilag

2 Potato Pancakes Recipe 

Pancakes don't have to be sweet and this potato version is the savory recipe that rivals your hash brown. These are just a tender and delicious but to make it so, you need the grater to get the texture just right.  

Photo by Zoe del Rosario

3 No-Bake Steamed Orange Chocolate Cake Recipe

Zesting lemons and oranges just got super easy using a grater! While you can certainly use a knife to peel the zest off the orange in this recipe, ditch it for the grater. Not only will the grater make your knife skills unnecessary, but is also makes infusing your liquid ingredients better, more potent every time, too.   


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